Where everybody who does their fair share gets a fair shake…..

Talk about mottos this one sounds like it  should take its place beside A chicken in every pot and two cars in every garage”.  That one was from the Hoover campaign of 1928. You remember that one; it was just before the great depression hit. (I don’t know why they call it “great”; there was nothing great about it.) The title here is from an email put out by the Obama re-election committee. I have the honor (if you want to call it that) of getting these emails on a regular basis.

Here are some excerpts from a recent letter:

Friend — …. Our Republican opponents, from Mitt Romney and Herman Cain to Rick Perry and Michele Bachmann, have endorsed the same set of Tea Party policies that drive the Republicans in Washington: letting Wall Street write its own rules again and giving special treatment to millionaires and billionaires while asking seniors and middle-class families to pay for it. All of them would return to the failed economic policies that led us into recession.….

The only true difference in this race is between their agenda and President Obama’s. Facing historic challenges when he came into office, he has fought every day for a fairer economy where everybody who does their fair share gets a fair shake. He’s stood up to credit card companies to ensure they can’t target consumers with hidden fees. He’s stood up to insurance companies, who can no longer deny health care coverage on the basis of a pre-existing condition. He’s stood up to Wall Street to end taxpayer bailouts and rein in the kind of risky financial behavior that nearly toppled our economy.….

The election is now less than one year away. No one thinks it will be easy. But there can be no doubt its outcome depends on how hard you and I work over the next 364 days. Right now, we’re opening field offices in key states, hiring organizers, recruiting volunteers, registering voters, and getting ready for what’s going to be one hell of a fight. So, is Obama toast? It’s up to you. Jim Messina Campaign Manager Obama for America P.S. — Want to show the cynics that this election is in your hands? Donate $20 or more today.

I bet you won’t see any of these accomplishments on the Fox New channel anytime soon, or on most any other media for that matter. These letters always end with how I am going to be responsible whether Mr. Obama gets a “well deserved” second term. If I don’t do my part it won’t happen.  I’m sure the Republicans are sending out the same type of letter to their base but of course it will instead mention how the country is so screwed up now we “MUST” defeat the totally wrong headed person currently in the Oval Office. If we don’t the world just may end in November 2012!!

So here we are getting ready to enter yet another extreme political arena. Once the circus known at the Republican presidential primaries are over then the real hateful stuff will come to the surface again.  It is hard to bear some of that stuff but you gotta love some of the saying that come from the campaigns.

Where everybody who does their fair share gets a fair shake

is definitely one of them. If only it were true. With this post I am starting up another subcategory under the “All I Know” one that will be entitled “Campaign Slogans”. I got a fist full of them ready to lay on you and who knows maybe some other real juicy ones will come from this campaign.

But what do I know….