"Virus Update Available…"

Here I am about a month into my revived Mac experience and one thing that is obviously different is that I no longer get the “Virus Update Available” message anymore! With the PC this was usually a twice a week experience. I most often stopped whatever I was doing when the screen popped up telling me to download the latest protection. After all even though I performed regular backups I didn’t want to put all my files at risk of being stolen or wiped out by the ever present viruses around the Windows system.

I now go days at a time without even thinking about what is behind my computer screen. It works and that is all I really care about. I can’t remember the last time I actually shut down my computer instead of putting it to sleep. Steve Jobs once jokingly called the Windows operation system a giant hairball. In reality that pretty much describes what it is. Due to trying to please everyone all the time it has become a giant tangle of little programs. Hackers seem to easily find a door into the workings of it to plant their little, and sometimes not so little, bombs. That is the reason for the constant stream of necessary updates. It is kind of like the illegal drug problems we have in this country. Once one dealer is put in jail another one quickly replaces him. 🙂

Apple on the other hand chose to go a different route. They maintain tight control of their operating system and only let developers see what they absolutely need to know. They also let previous versions of the system go to their natural death instead of piling one version on top of another. So, here I am a Mac guy again. I can now concentrate on using my computer to do things I want to accomplish. I no longer have to be constantly looking out for the next virus; they simply don’t exist on my Mac.

Yeah, Macs cost more than the bottom of the line PCs might but I believe in the old saying “You get what you pay for”.