An Investment Strategy No One Talks About….

Source: Wolfram Blog : Stock Market Returns by Presidential Party.

The New York Times recently published an “Op-Chart” by Tommy McCall on its Opinion page showing what your returns would have been had you started with $10,000 in 1929 and invested it in the stock market, but only during the administrations of either Democratic or Republican presidents. His calculations showed that if you had invested only during Republican administrations you would now have $11,733 while if you had invested only during Democratic administrations you would now have $300,671. Twenty-five times as much!

This must be one of those deep dark secrets that the Republicans don’t want anyone to know about! Isn’t the Republican party now the party of the purse and the Democrats the party of the people?   Someone need to tell our radical right friends that if they were to vote for Democrats that their purses would likely get much fatter. Isn’t more money what life is all about by those yahoos?  Every time they vote for a Republican president they end up either losing their precious money or at the best not getting any windfalls except for an occasional tax break for a few of them.

I think the Republican party has just lost its way the last fifty years or so.  When the party was invented by the Lincoln folks they were very much the people’s party; where did the big change happen? So all you guys who want to rake in the big bucks in the coming years vote the Obama ticket in 2012. You might have to swallow your pride but according to a hundred years of history your wallet will thank you.

But what do I know……