Empowering Fascists,Racists, and Bigots…

When I came across this posting on Facebook recently  it struck me as the biggest harm done by the current political environment. I might also add conspiracy theorists to the list.  Putting evil words in your opponents mouth… Read More

The Republican Establishment…

I am one of those people who need to thoroughly study a situation before I make any serious decisions.  And then there are people like Mr.Trump who are convinced they can reinvent the world without bothering to study it…. Read More

Congressional Pensions??

When our founders set up our government their intention was that its citizens would come to the nation’s capital for a period of time  to contribute to the running of the people’s business and would then return to… Read More

Owning Our Dark Side….

Its time to do some overall reflection the two political conventions just ended and then to move on to other things.  The contrast between the two could not have been greater.  One was about hatred and fear and… Read More

Its Been A While Since We Had A New Political Party…

I think it is time for a shakeup of our political system. It has been 160 years since we had a new party on the American scene.  Maybe it is time… Many Americans are justifiably nervous that the… Read More

Hate Personified….

The one glimmer of hope I found in the GOP convention just ended was the number of empty seats in the Cleveland arena. It seems that HATE is not a big selling point for many. But that is… Read More

This Country Is Bigger Than Any Two Parties.

The foundation of RJsCorner is based on the life and philosophy of Will Rogers. So, I think it is time to inject his wisdom into our current political scene. We need something to make sense of all the… Read More

Fear On Steroids!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks to Walt Handelsam for summing up the perspective of the convention currently taking place in Cleveland Ohio. For the last couple of decades fear has always taken center stage in the GOP philosophy and it is certainly THE… Read More

We Don’t Really Need Their Votes…

Its about time the the Democratic Party quit even trying to pander to the racist southern white vote. They are going to hate Democrats until the day they die. It was heartening to see that the latest Democratic… Read More

On The Wrong Side Of Yet Another Issue…

It seems that the GOP is on the wrong side of yet another issue important to U.S. voters. 85% of us want congress to act to keep guns out of the hands of terrorists. So what does the… Read More

It’s Got To Change…

I am definitely hoping, praying even, that the GOP is decisively rejected in the coming election. With Trump at the top of the ticket, and my faith in the sanity of most of us in the U.S. ,… Read More

Party Over Principles…

I am a daily reader of The Week website. It gives me a totally different view of the world than many others around today.  If you really want to stay informed about what is going on in the… Read More

The Real Republican Party..

Now that Donald Trump is on the verge of being official face of the Republican party there are many saying that he does not represent the “real” party. I kind of think he does, or at least what… Read More

The Bathroom Issue…

Being a self proclaimed Red Letter Christian I am a constant follower of this website. The article below states that everyone is ignorant until they learn about a subject.  This article is about the anti-transgender law recently passed… Read More

The Reincarnation of Paul Ryan??

I’m glad to see that the newly minted Speaker of the House Paul Ryan it finally shedding himself of the Take/Maker mentality and seems to have some compassion for those less fortunate in our society.  Now if his… Read More

Too Busy Attacking Each Other…

It is an interesting premise that President Obama’s ratings are going up because the Republicans are too busy attacking each other to diss him as they have been doing for seven plus years now.  From the very beginning… Read More

Upping the Game To The Next Level…

The last year of a second-term president is freeing indeed. You don’t have to watch your words that you might offend some voters. You will no longer be held a captive of the voting box.  I’m sure President… Read More

The GOP & Reverse Pragmatism…

I am a very pragmatic person in that I think what works best should be the first choice in any matter. I’m not a  ideologue in any way in either the religious or political fields. Pragmatism works best… Read More

Sums It Up…

This editorial cartoon by Bob Gorrell sums it up as far as my feelings are concerned.  It comes down to a quick and bloody death versus a slow and more painful one. Either way the country could be… Read More

I Am Suspending My Campaign..

I would really like to hear the words in the title of this post much more in the near future, at least from the wingnuts who have current control of the GOP. But in reality the title means… Read More

The Latest GOP Debate

This editorial cartoon sums it up for me. I’m not crazy about Hillary but she certainly beats all the GOP alternatives right now.

The Narcissist and His Supporters

So what does that say about those who support Donald Trump? For one mental health professional, the Trump “enigma” may arise from the fact that some Americans believe that Trump is some sort of bellwether, that a man… Read More

Which Came First??

“Which came first, the chicken or the egg??” has been the question of the day for as long as I remember. But I have a different version now. Which came first a ranting populace or radical right radio??… Read More

No Room In the Inn…

Trump Supporters…

Donald Trump, as many people on the left and even some on the right agree, is undoubtedly and intentionally making controversial remarks on cultural, racial and religious issues.   But what’s emerged as the more complicated question is… Read More