I Can Hear the Clock Ticking…….


It seems that even though I am deaf I can loudly hear the clock of my life ticking away lately. For that reason I have started up yet another list. If you ask my wife she will tell you that I am first and foremost a “list keeper”. I have lists for so many things I need a list of my lists just to remember them all.  But this particular list may just prove to be the most important one I have made in a while.

My latest list is entitled

“Things to Do Before I Die”.

I know the title has been used by perhaps thousands of authors but it is unique to each of them and so my list will be unique as well. Many lists like this one start out with “100 Things…” or perhaps “1,000 Things…” but right now I just don’t know how many items will be included on my particular one. I could do like McDonald’s did in the early days and update the number as I needed to but decided against that. That is just too cutesy for me. I only have a handful of items that spring to mind right now but I’m sure the list will grow over time. These types of things seem to take a while to simmer on my brain before they spurt off the top of my head. How is that for a vision you don’t care to see even in your mind’s eye!

Many items on my list will probably be things that I my wife as vetoed over the years. The first one that comes to mind is an extended visit to Disney World.  It will probably take a paradigm shift to accomplish that one but that doesn’t keep me from trying. We spent one day at Epcot about ten years ago while we were visiting my brother in Florida.  My wife seemed to enjoy it, especially the dinner at the German pavilion, so I don’t know why she is so reluctant to go back? I want to go back there and also visit all the other theme parks as well. My wife says “those places are for kids and we are old people!”  I have my work cut out for me with this one but I am not about to give up hope.

I’m sure a lot of you seniors out there have a corresponding lists. If you think there is something really important that I should add to my list just let me know. I will be sharing items on my “Things to Do” list on this blog. For that reason I have started up yet another category in the Seniors Only tab. My artistic side is chiming in too so I will be making up a special header for this category.

I visit several blogs daily in the senior category. Most include in the title words like “adventure”, “satisfying”, “frugal”,  “thrifty”, and such. This is a catchy idea that I haven’t seen included in many of them so if you guys want to put out a list of things to do before you die I don’t mind you using my idea. We can all use ideas in this area for our individual lists. I don’t want to be on my death-bed and still be thinking of things to add.  But then again maybe I do (ha).

7 thoughts on “I Can Hear the Clock Ticking…….

  1. Hey RJ, ya gotta stay positive. The glass is half full and the wonderful challenge (especially if one is successfully retired) is to make each day as delightful as possible. I don’t buy into the “bucket list” approach because it implies that one needs to do all sorts of spectacular or extraordinary things. That smacks of letting other people define what one “ought” to be doing. Why Disneyland? Why not just some local amusement part (if that’s the kind of thing you are looking for) that can still tickle your fancy (and your wife’s fancy, too)? Why should everything you do have to “blow you away”, as though some sort of bragging rights are sought?

    I delight in being able to indulge a whole day – or even several days – in reading a good (or Bad) book. Nothing to prove, earn or justify. Don’t avoid plan-fulness, but don’t let the “Shoulds” define your schedule.


  2. Convince your wife that Disney World, Epcot, and some of the other parks in Orlando are much better when you are older. You probably wouldn’t stand in line for 90 minutes for a 60 second ride; your ability to manage and maximize time has improved over the years. You won’t dash through the park just be near the front of the rollar coaster ride.

    But, you will slowly and completely absorb all the colors and sights. You will marvel at the imagination and incredible organization that allows everything to work together beautifully. You will appreciate the lack of trash and trash-talking. You will wonder why the real world can’t be so pleasant.

    I don’t have a list because it would have to be updated so often as to make it pointless. What excites or interests me is constantly changing and affected by previous experiences. Besides, if there were a list, each item checked off would mean I have accepted moving that much closer to my demise. I don’t need that type of reminder.


  3. Hi Steve, You have been reading my blog long enough to know that I don’t do things just because someone tells me to.(ha) If you are completely satisfied with spending your remaining years doing exactly as you are now then more power to you buddy. I personally have some things that I have not accomplished in my years here on earth. Some of these things, like ending all wars, are way beyond reality but some like Disney world I can still get done. When we were there years ago the magnitude and quality of the place totally entranced me. Yeah, I could go to a regional amusement park but I don’t think that would be the same thing. Another place I want to re-visit is Mesa Verde National monument. We were there for a day but I would like to go back and spend a longer time there exploring the ancient ruins and just vegging out in that environment.


  4. Bob, Thanks for the suggestions about Disney World. How you describe it is exactly what I want to experience. I guess I don’t have a problem with getting closer to my demise. I just don’t want to be on my deathbed regretting not having told my wife I love her enough or having put off things that I would get some personal enjoyment from. Especially since I can now afford it from both a money and time standpoint


  5. Hey RJ. Sorry to make it sound like I’m just doing what I’ve always done, as though I’m not looking to tread in new places in my life. I’m constantly going beyond my own comfort level. As I write, I’m in Vermont with my wife doing something that I’ve never dared to do in my life. I just don’t feel the need to make a list. For me, it takes away the spontaneity of life.

    And if Disney World is specifically your thing, go for it, of course. For me, my times spent in some of our amazing national parks (rafting down the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon, e.g.) were peak experiences, for sure. If you prefer a MickeyMouse experience, enjoy……. 🙂 (…..He said in a friendly, jesting spirit.) 🙂


  6. Thanks Steve for the second comment. My wife is the spontaneous one; I am the list maker. When she controls the vacation we miss several things that we could have seen but didn’t know about. But we also see some things we weren’t expecting. So, spontaneity is a double edged sword as is list making.

    No, getting drenched in the Colorado River is not my thing but getting immersed in the ruins of Mesa Verde is. To each his own. Good luck on your adventures in Vermont. I am trying to talk my wife into a trip to Arkansas in a few weeks. Getting her away from her jigsaw puzzles is a chore however. Let’s all have our adventures in our own ways. That is what retirement is all about..


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