Military Giants…..

The U.S. lately seems to have fallen into the logic that a massive and overwhelming military is necessary to maintain our country’s security.  History has proven that logic faulty again and again but we seem unable to learn that lesson.  Lets go back to David and Goliath. Goliath was the big military giant with all the current day military weapons and David was just a kid with a slingshot. We all know how that one ended. Let’s use that analogy and compare it to where we are today. If we take any other countries military capabilities and compare it to ours and their “David” is an average height guy our “Goliath” would stand ten stories high. That is the comparison between our military budgets and every one of our current enemies, and the vast majority of our friends. A ten-cent slingshot took down that giant.

Let’s fast forward to the 18th century where a group of 13 small colonies with virtually no military infrastructure took on the massive British war machine. The British Red Coats were known throughout the world for their military might. But, a small group of untrained soldiers beat them and won their independence.   There are numerous other examples throughout world history that show that vast military superiority does not mean you cannot be taken out of play.

So, here we are today with our massive military structure thinking that it will keep us safe. There is currently a major uproar when there is talk of reducing our military budgets by a mere 10 -15%. The pundits say we are giving up our hope for security. In reality the money we spend on our war machines could be spent better elsewhere and would actually increase our security instead of reducing it.  One of the major reasons we have so many enemies in today’s world is our dependence on the oil in their countries. If we just took a portion of what we spend on our military and used it to develop and alternative power source to the century old gasoline engine we could leave all those foreign deserts to the sheiks who own them and get out of that part of the world.

Our enemy/friend list seems to change back and forth so frequently it is hard to tell who we will be wanting to invade next. Lets get out of that mode of thinking that overwhelming power is our destiny.  Like so many military superpowers before us it might actually prove to be our downfall.

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