My Best Friend…

Seeing a fellow blogger talk about his new pet reminded me that I have been getting too serious on this blog lately. So I thought it was time to kick back on this post and show you one of my best friend. Best friends seem to be hard to come by in my senior years. 🙂 She has been with us for about  four years now. Although she weighs in at over sixty pounds she thinks she is a lap dog. This picture was taken a few months ago during our only snow storm that lasted more than a day on the ground. This one took four days to disappear.


  1. Bailey is learning right from wrong, quicker than a lot of people! If she were standing in that snow she’d disappear. Say Hi to Beulah for me.

    BTW, I have tried leaving several comments over the past few days and I get an error message that my email ( is assigned to a WordPress Account. The comment is then wiped clean. I’m using a different address this time in hopes this one goes through and you can uncover the problem.


  2. Bob, thanks for letting me know about your problems with making comments here. I will look into it. I often get the same kind of thing at your site. It doesn’t recognize my WordPress acct. Usually if I hit post several times it eventually works through.

    Yvonne and I have always had pets. If it were a choice between me and her cat I would probably have to start packing my bags (ha)..Good luck with Bailey. She will give you years of enjoyment I’m sure. Luckly we have some good neighbors to come to the house and take care of the pets while we are gone. That makes leaving them a little easier.


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