$1.75 Gasoline Just Down the Road….

It seems that the favorite hobby right now is to complain about gas prices and particularly to blame the high prices on President Obama 🙂 We all like to remember the good old days when gasoline was much cheaper. When I first started driving gasoline was $0.28 per gallon! But what if I told you that you can get gas even now for $1.75 per gallon? Well that is not exactly true but the result is the same thing. There is a rather simple way to accomplish this feat and that is to dump your SUV or pickup and get an energy-efficient vehicle!

When you put $40 into your SUV it takes you about 150 miles. If you put that same gas into s Chevy Sonic you will go over 350 miles.  I know I hear many of you out there saying “but my SUV is safer than a subcompact!” Well not exactly, the new Chevy Sonic has ten airbags. Yes I said ten airbags. It can seat five people although maybe not with the comfort of your gas hogger but it gets them there just the same.

What brought all this to mind is that I am thinking of replacing my twenty year old pick-up truck. It has served my well over the years but I am tired of constantly visiting the gas station. I have chosen a Chevy because I am just a “made in America”  and a Chevy type guy. I am buying a Sonic because it is a cool looking car, especially in the burnt orange color I have chosen.  I am also buying it because it is less than half the price of a typical SUV or even a full-sized car. And did I mention that it has ten airbag.

So now I am going to quit complaining about gas prices and do something about them.

2 thoughts on “$1.75 Gasoline Just Down the Road….

  1. I just came across this article/blog post that has been printed in the Readers Digest that touches on the many benefits of human innovation such as your new car. It is also a refreshing take on our world condition. I don’t know much about the author but I think his site looks interesting and has lots of food for thought. Thought you might enjoy.


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