On The Road – Omaha (Day 3)

We didn’t have much of a drive today; just across the river to Omaha and then north to our first sightseeing venture. But we did make some new friends today while visiting the Wildlife Safari Preserve. My wife being a super animal lover that she is insisted this be our first stop.

We are now settled down in the Magnolia Hotel for a quick nap and then it is on to our first visit to the Old Market District just four blocks down the road.  The hotel is somewhat unique; it is a completely renovated 1930 hotel that is done in the Art Deco style. The rooms are quite nice and the bed, at least after a quick nap, prove to be quite adequate.

I think I am going to lay back a couple of the local brews at a micro-brewery/restaurant in a while so I should sleep well tonight and be ready for a day full of walking and picture taking tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “On The Road – Omaha (Day 3)

  1. Hi Jan. We won’t be quite making it to Kansas this trip but we do go through the State quite often. We just love the Midwest. The real Midwest that is; I don’t know why Indiana/Illinois are considered to be mid-west? It seems like you gotta be west of the Mississippi for that name? Sounds like a title for a future post. I have to start thinking about that (ha)


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