No Free Lunch….

Source:  Letters: To spare tax filers pain, phase out deductions –

I guess you could call this a guest post in that I am going to leave the words of Michael Bugg as found in the source at USA Today pretty much stand as they are.

No free lunches –I am tired of the large number of Americans who want the best country in the world, while clinging to the absurd notion that no one has to pay for it, or worse, who want a country like one in Europe in the Dark Ages!

I am also tired of all the people who voted for George W. Bush and his wars, while thinking they would not have to pay for them. It is time to pay up. After World War II and until John Kennedy cut tax rates, the top marginal rate was 91% on all income more than $200,000 for individuals and more than $400,000 for couples filing jointly. The rich still got rich, but at a slower rate, and the war debt was paid down.

Republicans wail at the prospect of returning to the Clinton tax rates. After Bush took the White House, the so-called job creators exported millions of our jobs to China and other cheap labor countries; they were rewarded by Bush with big tax cuts. Republicans should face the fact that the economy was better, unemployment was much lower, and the deficits were gone with Bill Clintons higher tax rates!It is time to cut excessive deductions, raise rates and start paying for the things we want for this country.          

Michael Bugg; Paducah, Ky.

I couldn’t have said it better. To see the whole article click on the source link.

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