The Number Two Business in the U.S….

I think everyone knows that our number one business in the U.S. is  selling weapons systems and other means of destruction throughout the world. I suspect that almost every country in the world has at least a few of our $50 million military airplanes and some of our $1 million bombs to go with them.  The $50 million is of course for a second-hand airplane, if you want a newer one be prepared to fork over three times that cost. With a $600 billion annual budget for such things our military probably scrap these guys on a regular basis so there are lots of used ones for sale to our friends and future enemies 😉 . I would be very surprised if all countries don’t have at least some of our guns. After all we are the number one gun maker and correspondingly the murder capital of the world.

But who knows what our number two business is? It’s storage lockers. That sleepy business that started in the 1960s has been booming for a couple of decades now. All of us seem to be very good citizens of our capitalist society. We buy and buy until we fill our current abodes then just keep going by renting another one or two public storage lockers.  Public storage has been thoroughly ingrained into our society.  There is now even a TV show dedicated to storage lockers.  Just within a two-mile radius of my small town of 2,000 people are six different storage locker places of at least one hundred storage garages each. I’m sure they are all pretty much filled with people’s junk.  I’m not sure which is worse, just throwing out the old things or stuffing them in a rented garage never to be seen again.  I suspect that there are more public storage garages in this country than there are families. But, I can proudly attest to the fact that I am not renting one…

Ok, I hope FactCheck doesn’t come across my site as I really don’t know if these two items are number one and two 🙂  They just seem like it to me.  But what do I know…

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