About Rush…..


It must be almost heart breaking for those splendid writers, to see what some of us syndicate birds get away with. – October 29, 1933  Will Rogers

Don’t get me wrong, I certainly enjoy making my daily blog posts and having you guys interested enough to want to read them but Will’s message for today does bug me sometimes.  I am absolutely not the best writer/storyteller around but I think I do have somewhat of a gift in this area.

The most “syndicated bird” around today is probably Rush Limbaugh. It is reported that he makes somewhere around $30 million a year doing what he does! And what does he do exactly? His only literary output seems to be his constant ranting. He continues to say the most outrageous things over and over again. He hates almost everything and everyone and goes out of his way to let everyone know that.  He would be at an utter loss if he actually had to sit down and write something with any compassion or any level of  fact or truth.

Even when I do it from a very humble stance I believe that my writing is far and above anything Rush has ever accomplished. So why is it I get paid exactly $0.00 for what I say and he gets probably $100/word for all the drivel that comes out of his often vulgar mouth!  So, yes I find it heart breaking what this syndicated bird gets away with.

But what do I know….