To Take a Drink…

A few years ago we were so afraid that the poor people was liable to take a drink. Now we’ve fixed it so that they can’t even get something to eat.  — Will Rogers

Every time I look at all my source quotes from Will for one to the included here I am amazed at how they apply to our times as well as Will’s eighty years ago.  Most of Will’s quotes come from the Depression years of the 1930s. While he was one of the 1% of his era he had the mind and compassion for the common folk.

I think Will understood that about the only affordable luxury for most folks today is to gather at their favorite “watering hole” on Friday nights to complain about everything with others like themselves. Some might say they really can’t even afford to do that but it is definitely cheaper than the psychiatrist’s couch that the rich folks typically use. It seems that Friday nights and a weekly lottery ticket are the highlights of many folks life now.

Maybe some day the corporate people will see that giving the average guy a raise once in a while instead of always giving it to the shareholders will actually cause more profits. They all bought into the “trickle down” theory of the Reagan years so why not the “trickle up” theory now?

But what do I know…..

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