Living Too Long….

I only fear that I may live too long. This would be a subject of dread to me –  Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson is not alone in this subject of dread.  I personally have already seen this too many times in my life and since I leave no heirs to care for me I dread that I too will live too long.  Those that I love sometimes have a very bitter end to their existence. They wither completely away before that last heart beat. They are a shell of what they once were before the Lord takes them. Then there are those who have died much too young in life. The first personal occurrence of this is when I lost a very good friend in the Vietnam war. He died much too young and for no purpose.

Too bad that we humans can’t have, like the milk we buy in the store, an expiration date stamped on us when we are born. At least then we would know what kind of life we might expect. If we are to die young then to heck with all that education stuff; lets just enjoy the time we have. If we are to die very old then we know to prepare ourselves for that eventuality. If we are to die in the normal course of things then we have the peace of knowing we will live a full life.

If we had an expiration date I suspect we would all live our lives more fruitfully. We would know exactly how much we needed to accumulate wealth and when to spend the last dime of it. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Living Too Long….

  1. A human expiration date….a good idea if God ever decides to start over and create a human being less messed up than we are.

    That is an interesting question to would your life be different if you knew exactly when you are going to die? Would you have to tell others, or could you take out a huge loan 6 months before your passing? Would you become more self-centered or more charitible?

    I think you just gave me the idea for an interesting post!


    1. These just seem to be the things I am drawn toward lately and you certainly add more questions on top of mine 🙂
      That is one thing about all us fellow bloggers, we feed off each other with our ideas and that is what the internet should be all about my friend. In this case I’m glad I can help…


  2. I wonder whether an expiration date would motivate us or just put us in a major funk. My guess is that however you live your life now, that’s how you’d respond to such knowledge. Personally I don’t want to know …… I like to think that I am able to live life like there’s no tomorrow – not with a frenzied chase for “bucket list experiences” but with a steady enjoyment of how I’m currently living my life.

    Though it sure would make life insurance planning a whole lot easier to figure out…. 🙂


    1. I kind of agree. I’m not sure I would want to know but given that I have lived this long already it sure would make planning for a “satisfying retirement” easier. I am procrastinating about buying a new car right now because “if I were to live to 90 I might need the money I would spend on it. But if I die like my father, grandfather and great grandfather then that is not a worry.


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