The next iPhone …

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I will state up front here that after several failed attempts at having a cell phone I finally got and iPhone last October. It is everything I hoped it would be. My previous attempts at owning a cell phone proved less than expected. Since I am deaf almost all of my communications via cell is with text messaging. Sometimes my wife uses my phone for voice calls but not often.  One of my previous phones was so slooooow.., another insisted on losing its signal daily and then went into a battery draining ten minute reset!

I do use my iPhone to check on news and weather and even play games on it when I am waiting for my wife at the mall. I should have learned my lesson earlier when all the competitors kept saying “we are as good as an iPhone”. I was a Mac guy in my professional life until “corporate” declared them off-limits to all us engineers. So I knew Apple’s reputation for ease-of-use and innovations were well-earned.

But having said all this I am not really interested in the next generation of iPhone other than just curiosity. This is until the “new thing” is really revolutionary. Until it is obvious that it will improve my life. I suspect I will have this one for several years now. There is a huge after-market for used iPhones so I know probably millions trade-up on every new model. I may not always have the latest iPhone but I expect I will always have a iPhone going forward. So, I guess I am now one of those Apple snobs who turns up their nose at all the look-a-likes out there. If I am going to be a snob then I am glad it is in the gadget area. I would never every be a snob when it comes to people…..

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