On The Road….Again

I wanted to let you know that starting tomorrow I will be doing a series of “On The Road” posts here.  For those of you who are not familiar with them they will be end-of-day posts about our trip to Washington DC and Baltimore.  Except for a one day trip in 1998 this will be the first time we have taken a tour bus. This will be a six day trip.

Of course the first and last day of the trip will mainly be sitting in a hopefully comfortable air-conditioned bus and letting someone else do the driving for a change. I am already lining up all my techie toys to take with me. I will be working on my MacBook to do some work (my wife calls it play) and of course the iPad will go along with us. My wife loves to play many of the games installed there but I hope she will relinquish it occasionally to let me do some of my regular internet stuff including responding to your comments here. 🙂

Yvonne and I were in DC in 1988. It was a pretty stressful time given that I had only recently went deaf and we had not worked out a good means of communications between us. That along with trying navigate the streets there drove us to the edge more than once. My wife vowed that she would never set foot in that town again!!  The only way I convinced her to do it this time is that we will be chauffeured to each of the site and will not have to get behind a steering wheel for the entire trip. But I’m still kind of amazed that she agreed to go.

We are scheduled for several visits to the Smithsonian, as well as trips to the White House, Congress, Arlington Cemetery, and the Mall and other places I am probably forgetting. It will be a busy but enjoyable time.  Like always the old saying “Things are never as good as you had hoped or as bad as you fear” will come to play here.  I have certain hopes for how meaningful the trip will be. I’m sure that as usual some of these will be dashed on the proverbial rocks. We will both be finding out about that soon.

One of my all time favorite books was Travels with Charlie by John Steinbeck. It was about Steinbeck and his dog Charlie traveling around the U.S. in a makeshift truck camper. I read the book when I was about fifteen years old. The way Steinbeck described his experience totally enthralled me and I quickly tried to make his writing style as my own.  I later discovered Will Rogers and had the same experiences.  So today I say my writing style is a meager attempt to combine my two favorite authors.

No, I am not Charles Kuralt (for those of you who are not old enough look him up on Wiki) but I think I can entertain you with my on-the-road reports. Check them out in the coming days. If I happen to miss a day due to exhaustion or whatever please excuse me in advance. 🙂