On-The-Road Washington DC Day 4

The first thought that comes to mind to describe today is CROWDED!!! Everywhere we went there was simply masses of people. I expected crowds, even on a Sunday, but not that many.  We started the day at Arlington Cemetery and caught the changing of the guard as soon as we arrived. It was a rather somber thing. But then again I think there were more live people there than there were dead ones. We actually missed the grave of JFK because there were people crowding around it we just didn’t see it.  I seems like it must have been downsized since 1988 when we were there last time

We made several of the museums today but again they were wall-to-wall. Yvonne wanted to see the Hope diamond so we headed to the Natural History museum. They were about teen deep around it but after about 5 minutes she did get close enough to snap a picture.  It was an enjoyable day but could have been much better if they had closed down Washington DC for the day and let our small group have it alone  🙂

I guess this trip is taking its toll on us senior citizens as we all were slumping  when we got on the bus at 5:00pm.  We headed for dinner at our hotel at 6:30pm and they have a three-piece band there playing all the old songs from the 60s and 70s. I guess they knew who their audience was. But there was also a bus group of all African-Americans at the dinner also. When the band started playing some of the hip-hop stuff many of them came up and started dancing. My wife being a brave heart as she is joined them and before lone many in our group were also on the dance floor. It was really rocking when they ended a couple of hours later.  I doubt if it would have been so lively if our new black friends had not been there.

Tomorrow morning we get back on the bus and say goodbye to DC. It finished off strong.  We then head for Baltimore for about a three-hour lay over in the afternoon and then it is back on the road towards home.

More on that tomorrow….


  1. Thanks Barbara, Yeah it has been fun. Traveling with a group does add a degree of surprise and fun to this trip. For a bunch of senior citizens they sure are a lively bunch. I think that is what turns the table in favor of bus touring, the people you get to know. I’m sure we have made several new friends because of this.


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