Getting Someone To Read It…..

Over here you can write whatever you want to. The only trouble getting somebody that will read it. – April 18, 1933  Will Rogers

Sometimes we in the U.S. forget just how good we have it. As Will says over here we can write whatever we want.  That is definitely not the case in many parts of the world today.  Yes, FaceBook and such have made putting your words out there easier but they can still cause some bodily harm. Let’s never forget that we have it so well here.

But to us authors, I am including all us bloggers in that category, just getting the words out there is only half the battle. Getting people to read them is the other half. That brings to mind the old quote:

if a tree falls in the forest and no one hears it did it make a sound?

I humbly say that I am blogging for my own benefit but my vanity makes me check on the blog stats on a regular basis. It is nice to know that some think my writing is worthy enough to spend their time reading them!!

The above quote about the tree reminds me of one I found on a T-shirt on Mackinac Island a few years ago.  I wear it occasionally just to pull my wife’s chain

If a man says something and there is no woman around to hear it is he still wrong?

Thanks to all of you out there who find my words worthy enough for your valuable time…..

2 thoughts on “Getting Someone To Read It…..

  1. i do like your blogging each day and I do read all of them. You and I are on the same page in life that sharing open thoughts with others verbally or in written format is useful. Keep up the good work. By the way, recently I had a “run in ” with about five former close friends about things that they were forwarding to me that had no factual information to make up their comments. I am proud that I hung to my principals of sharing truth. I might have lost five friends by doing that , but as one friend said to me , that is life and we do have to move on with new friends who like to openly talk and share. That is why I have continued with my international discussion groups as I have more freedom to talk there than with many narrow-minded others. MWD


  2. Thanks for the comments Mary. I too have gotten those types of email and have made it clear that if they are not based on facts then quit sending them to me. I will be doing a post soon about “Post-Truth-Politics”. That is a very descriptive phrase for much of what is going on now.

    I have lost quite a few friends over my belief that God actually wants us to do things while we are on this earth and not just lay back and let his grace flow over us. But that’s just how it goes when you are a person of principle. And I know you are one….


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