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TODAY Health – Diet, Fitness and Wellness Blog | TODAY.com Blogs – Doctors behaving badly: 7 types to watch out for.

This is a very interesting article about seven things you should watch out for in the doctor that is treating you. It isn’t often that we get this type of “insider” information about the medical establishments.  I always get a kick out of the way they say they “practice medicine”. That term is meant to infer that they don’t always get it right; they are still practicing. I don’t know about you but I certainly hope the doctor who is about ready to cut me open has at least practiced on a few other before he gets to me 🙂

I really advise you to read this article by clicking on the source file above. But here are the seven categories that you need to watch out for:

  1. Script-Happy
  2. Sleep Deprived
  3. Biased
  4. Flirtatious
  5. Dishonest
  6. Out of Date
  7. Privacy Breaching

I don’t know about you but the ones that concern me the most are numbers 3,5, and 6.

4 thoughts on “About Your Doctor…..

  1. RJ…this is a very good list. The one I found within the last couple of years was the guy that sits behind the computer and follows a script of questions from a computer program. I wondered if he was really a doctor! It was so frightening. He was my husband’s doctor and I found someone else within a week after sitting in on a visit. My husband had “valley fever” and it turned out the xrays looked as though he had cancer.

    We escaped by the skin of our teeth! Yikes. A great pulmonologist saved my husbands bacon. Another doctor would have operated.

    Be well.




  2. Great example sirrot. Being a retired IT guy I don’t want to blame it all on a computer program. They can be of great use to a doctor as long as he treats it as a tool. Yeah, it does take wisdom and experience, as in your husband’s case to see outside of the box when necessary.


  3. Add #8: he or she should look older than 15. Anymore I feel as though I should ask them for a permission slip from their mom to be sure it is OK they are not at home.


  4. You got that one right Bob!

    Being from Indiana I think I am supposed to be a racing nut but I am not. But I did catch a little of the Nascar race stuff today and to me it doesn’t look like any of those guys could even have a learner’s permit!!

    BTW… I just returned your questionnaire. Good luck with that project.


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