When The Boss Is Looking….

We stick to the old American principle of only working when the boss is looking. – April 8, 1933  Will Rogers

I’m sure this is as true today and maybe more so that it was in Will’s day only the techniques of not getting caught has changed. I read a statistic somewhere that said that up to 40% of a desk jockey’s time at the office now days is spent cruising the Internet, posting on Facebook, or ordering personal items on-line.

When I retired twelve years ago I was surrounded by three computers all connected to the Internet but I can say that I never used any of them for the above purposes. I might not be able to make that same claim if I were still in the workforce today, I don’t know.  Maybe the allure is just too strong today. But of course companies now have software that traces everywhere their employees go on-line. That should put a damper on these sort of things.

I guess cell phones are another way to sneak in some personal time while at work. Since everyone has one now, even small children I can imagine they are frequently used when the boss is not looking. But then again it seems that the boss doesn’t have any problem with calling someone at home to get them to deal with company stuff on their personal time. So maybe it is just tit for tat.

Technology sure has seemed to blur the line between work and personal time.

But what do I know….

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