Putting a Face On It…..

Source: Michael J. Fox’s new TV comedy is headed to NBC – The Clicker.

NBC has ordered 22 episodes of the untitled single-camera comedy that will star Fox as a husband and father of three from New York City dealing with family, career and challenges — including Parkinson’s disease. Filming will begin this year for a fall 2013 premiere.

I really enjoyed the Michael J. Fox comedy Family Ties when it was on during the 1980s. Some of the things that Alex P. Keaton said on the show were so funny and outrageous. Young Republicans back then, as now, were in a minority. But Alex was a very likable guy who you couldn’t help but love. I have also enjoyed him in his many recent guest appearances on shows that I watch. He has not lost his touch. So when, via the source above, I see that he is going to get another comedy it makes me smile. I have always enjoyed comedies more than any other type TV and we need an occasional laugh now more than ever.

Maybe even more importantly is that the show will put Mr. Fox’s physical condition which is Parkinson’s disease front and center. I have this theory about life in that until you put a face on something it is just too easy to ignore it. Faceless conditions and circumstance just don’t get our attention any more. But when you put a face on something it is hard to forget it. I know that one of my favorite shows which is Little People, Big World put a face on dwarfism. For those of us who watch them Matt, Amy, and their son Zach are people first and dwarfs second. I’m sure that show has done a lot to help other dwarfs in their daily challenges.

One of my life goals is to do my part in putting a face on poverty and homelessness. This condition, like so many others is simply ignored by many especially it seems the leadership in the Republican party. These guys, and I do mean guys, seem to say daily if you are poor or homeless it is your own fault. They can’t seem to see that many are destined to being poor and no, not everyone is capable of pulling themselves up by their bootstraps. They can’t seem to understand that for the vast majority poverty is not a self-inflicted condition. The fastest rising demographic group in the U.S. are those in poverty.  We need to put a face on poverty to really understand its devastating results. Most people who are in this group are not freeloaders but just normal people trying their best just to live. I see their faces daily at the soup kitchen where I volunteer. If only other could see the true face of poverty.

Another group that I hope someone comes along and puts a face on are those with hearing impairments and deafness. This group, who I am a member need a face. Unfortunately the term “deaf and dumb” still lingers among the general population. I struggle with that misnomer on what seems to be a daily basis. People can’t seem to understand that those with hearing impairments are for the most part just like them but without the ability to hear. I wish someone would put a face on deafness. It would certainly help me in my daily life in the hearing world.