Do Members of Congress and candidates know what you think???

Source: Recent email from FCNL (Friends Conference on National Legislation – Quaker)

Do your members of Congress and candidates know what you think about Pentagon spending cuts? What they hear from you now could influence their decisions this December and into next year. Urge them to support Pentagon cuts of $1 trillion over the next 10 years, as recommended by experts from across the political spectrum.1 39 cents out of every one of your federal income tax dollars is going to feed the Pentagon and its contractors, and the Pentagon budget has nearly doubled in the past decade. This is a bad investment for our country, no matter what angle you look at it from.

I always welcome information from my Quaker friends. They are about the only ones who have shown a centuries old commitment to peace.  As shown above we spend 39 cents of every dollar of the taxes we send to Washington on our war machine. No other country in the world spends more than 5 cents and most spend less than 2 cents!  If you wonder how we got so far into debt just look at the off-books wars we spent the first decade fighting.

Let’s stop being the super-cop of the world and let others take back some of their responsibilities in that area.  It makes no sense for us to have thousands of our young men stationed in almost every country in the world. It not only put their lives at risk it costs us a fortune that no other country is burdened with. Do we eventually go down in flaming ashes or do we sensibly get out of this suicidal spiral of spending?

3 thoughts on “Do Members of Congress and candidates know what you think???

  1. Yes Bob and that should be the primary task of the electorate. To get them to once again be the “people’s representatives”. I don’t know how to accomplish that short of one person at a time. Usually less than half of us even bother to vote and that is a troubling sign for a democratic republic such as ours.


  2. Serving in the military is a form of workfare that mostly benefits corporations. Now if only single mothers on welfare were required to work in order to receive their benefits I’d be a lot happier.


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