Why Aren’t They Thanking Him???

I can’t understand why Ohio is supposedly one of the swing States in this election.  They have gone from 48th in Job creations in 2008 to 4th in 2012.  That is the most dramatic change of any State in the Union.  Of course this is the result of President Obama giving loans to the auto industry which is a large employer in Ohio. I could really say the same thing about my home State of Indiana. It has gained much from those same loans but of course it is usually a solidly “red” State so sadly to say it is not on the fence.

Why aren’t the Buckeyes thanking the President for rescuing their State’s economy?  Even more confusing is why are they even considering voting for Mr. Romney as he proudly announces that he would have just let Ford and GM  go into liquidation! That would have meant millions of lost jobs in Ohio, Indiana, and especially Michigan. It seems that most folks have very short memories or are just ungrateful for the help.  Of course liquidation is what Mr. Romney knows the most about so maybe he had figured a way to sell off all the parts for a big Bain Capital profit.

There is another very big group who seem to be ungrateful and that is the bankers. They were deep in the toilet when President Obama came into office and now just 3+ years later they are again getting their big multi-million dollar bonus checks at Christmas.  Why aren’t investment bankers thanking President Obama?

I know our unemployment index is above 8% and that obviously trouble many but it was higher than that when Mr. Reagan easily got his second term. What has changed since then?  I know my Republican friends will say it is the deficit but the rise in the deficit at least relative to GDP was greater and longer under President Reagan than it has been under President Obama. So why has the unemployment index and the deficit got so many self-proclaimed Reaganites so upset now? Why weren’t they upset when President Reagan was doing worse than President Obama in those two regards?

The other thing that gets me as being extremely ungrateful is that when all these States take the billions of dollars for infrastructure in their State and then complain about the TARP spending where it comes from. It is widely acknowledged that for every one dollar spent on infrastructure returns $1.60 in GDP.  That seems like a pretty good investment.  Why are all the Republicans screaming about infrastructure spending? Without this spending our economy would be in much more dire straits than it is now. Even the Republican governors who rant against it line up to get their share. I know that is true for my State of Indiana and I’m sure it is true for many others.

I just can’t understand why they aren’t thanking the President for keeping us out of employment problems which could have been much worse.

But what do I know…..