The Chameleon….

Source: Romney on ’47 percent’: I was ‘completely wrong’ – politics – Decision 2012 | NBC News.

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has described his disparaging remarks about the 47 percent of Americans who don’t pay federal income taxes as “not elegantly stated.” Now he’s calling them “just completely wrong.”

I am going to dive into the realm of politics once again. Call me a fool if you want; I am definitely not an angel.  By his latest flip Mr. Romney proves once again that he will say anything and do anything to become the most powerful person in the world. All multi-millionaires have hobbies and I guess becoming president is his.

I’m pretty sure all of you know what a chameleon is but just in case here is what the dictionary says:

Chameleon  — any of several American lizards capable of changing the color of the skin, especially Anoliscarolinensis (American chameleon),  of the southeastern U.S.

We have quite a few chameleons around my homestead and it still amazes me that when they are in the leaves in the fall they are brown and when they are in the summer grass they are a bright green. They change colors depending on where they are. This definitely seems to be the case with the GOP presidential nominee also. When he was talking to a group who paid $25,000/person to listen to him he ranted on and on about the 47% of the people who are leeches living all the government and dependent on it for everything. But now he now says it is just “completely wrong”!!! So I guess he is admitting that he lied to those rich folks who had dinner with him because he knew that is what they wanted to hear.

This latest flip is just one of several that he dropped on us during the recent debate. It seems that he is suddenly no longer in favor of tax cuts for the rich and that he now says regulations are a good thing! All of these flips just prove to me that Mr. Romney’s foundations are indeed built on shifting sand. He changes colors depending on who his is talking to.

I admit I probably watch more TV than I should but it is nice to sometimes just sit in front of the TV once in a while and be entertained.  I watch quite a few lawyer type shows and the following scenario often plays out. The lawyer has a witness on the stand who has admitted that he lied in previous testimony. The lawyer always says “Since you admit you lied then how can we trust what you are saying now?” The judge then pronounces that this is an “unreliable witness” and the jury is to disregard all of his testimony. Anything like this come to mind with Mr. Romney’s latest pronouncements?

In the end I had trouble trying to decide whether to title this post “The Chameleon” or “An Unreliable Witness” but in Mr Romney’s case both seem to apply. How do we know what he really believes about anything? This chameleon is just too unreliable to take up occupancy in the Oval office.

But what do I know…….

2 thoughts on “The Chameleon….

  1. I’m not sure which astonishes me more: the amount of times that he has flip-flopped or that he still has so many supporters among working people. But what really makes me anxious is that it seems, if elected, it’s likely that he will make decisions based on expediency of whoever is whispering the loudest in his ear, a la tea party or big business interests. Scary.


    1. Those are my feeling exactly Steve. I don’t think he has any real foundation other than just wanting to be President and that is as you say scary.


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