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I can’t seem to shut my brain off with all this change talk the last few posts. Hopefully this is the last post in this area. Here are some more basic things that need to change in our country in order to go forward with a least a small hope of getting better. I will admit that a some of the items on the current list are said more in jest than seriousness.

  • Schools should be free as long as a kid wants to learn — We are becoming a third class country in regard to the number of our citizens with college degrees. A good part of this is due to the expenses being beyond what many can afford. We should make learning a right rather than  a privilege of only those that can afford it.  If a kid wants to be a doctor  or any other profession lets pay for his tuition to do that. When we finally get universal healthcare like the rest of the world he would be making a little less “big bucks” to pay off twelve years of learning. The definition of “kid” here is anyone between the ages of two and two hundred.
  • Millionaires should never pay a smaller percentage of their wealth in taxes than the ordinary guy. — Enough said about this. It just makes sense….
  • You should have to get a license in order to be a parent — I know this one is a stretch but I am just tired of seeing all that bad parenting out there. If we need a license to drive a car, to work on someone’s plumbing or electricity, or to practice law then we should require a license to bring children into this world.
  • Let’s bring some sanity into our political processes — Mr Romney has been running for president for about six years now. Enough is enough. I know he really wants the job but that it is insane to allow politics to run without end.  We need to adopt the British method of doing this.  The longest political season in Britain’s history is six weeks. Yeah that wasn’t a typo it is six weeks not six years.  Their candidates also have a very strictly capped amount that they can spend. Let’s learn a thing or two from our neighbors abroad.
  • People who don’t vote should not allowed to post comments on Internet news articles or political blogs — That would probably eliminate at least half of the nasty stuff that usually follows most news reports.

I think my brain is finally closing down with this idea of changes. Lord I hope so. But if I felt like it I could probably fill an entire new blog with just things that have outlived their usefulness.

2 thoughts on “More Brainy Stuff….

  1. Under your guides- Obama has been running or in for over eight years….
    I do like the British system for elections- six weeks – public paid. BUT remember their “Senate” is the house of Lords—with no one but the royals voting them in. Only the House of Commons is voted for by the public. The PrimeMinister is like the electoral college- voted in by the houses and NOT the general public. Our way is messy- but it is more representative.
    Licensing to be a parent—lol—are you a parent? You could follow your last comment if you are not. I think parenting is an action verb- often changing with the tide and temperature. It is such a difficult balance. Some of the worst parents turn out the best kids and some of the best parents (in public) turn out the worst kids. I do agree that every child should go to parenting classes (that is what I am about to teach).
    Getting my tickets ready for the inauguration. No matter who gets in- I love to go!


    1. Lighten up a little Janette. As I said some of the things are said in jest. Don’t take everything so seriously. But I have voted in every election for the past 45 years so the last comment does not apply to me.


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