When you put down the good things you ought to have done, and leave out the bad ones you did do well, that’s Memoirs. – Will Rogers

I think almost all of us who have ever put pen to paper so to speak have thought about writing our memoirs. But it seems that only those folks who are famous ever actually get theirs published and I have a sneaking suspicion that many of even those are actually ghost written. I guess I have sort of written my memoirs in that I have been keeping a journal for about twenty years now. The girls call them a diary but a journal is a much more manly word for mine. But some of the things I write in the journal are not to be seen by anyone but me.

I guess all of us bloggers are writing our memoirs. We all write from our life’s experiences. Some of us are niche writers who talk about retirement and such and then there are others like me who would just get too bored by sticking to one subject. I am just an ordinary guy but I guess all of us are unique in our own ways. I don’t suspect that there are too many altruist, deaf, shrinking stature, senior bloggers out there who see Will Rogers as their inspiration. So maybe I do offer a somewhat unique perspective on life. I am also quite unique in that I try to treat even those who flame me and have opposite world views with a degree of respect. That seems to be an unusual combination now days.  But as Will says, and I always listen to Will, we put down the good things we should do and somehow forget the bad ones we actually did when we give advice or comment on others actions or just plain spout off about our selected topics.

Getting back to memoirs, I am not much of a reader of them or autobiographies; I guess I prefer that they be written by someone  else. Of course those are called biographies. I remember years ago that I had this thing for Patricia Neal. She played Olivia Walton in the 1971 made-for-television film The Homecoming, A Christmas Story that later became a very successful series. I  loved that movie!  Patricia Neal just seemed like the perfect mother to me. I needed a mother view that did not include abandoning me, my brother, and Dad when I was young to go off and marry a rich guy. I needed a mother figure who loved me more than herself and I somehow dreamed that Patricia Neal was that person.  Unfortunately I got my hands on her memoirs and the actress turned out to be much different from Ma Walton. I was devastated by what I read. Maybe that is one of the things that soured me on memoirs. 🙂

Thank heavens the fact-checker don’t hone in on all those published memoirs. But given that hardly anyone actually believes what is said in memoirs I don’t think they would spend the time and efforts to correct their words.

But what do I know…..

2 thoughts on “Memoirs…..

  1. Deaf, shrinking, senior, altruist, huh? You’re right…can’t too many like you out there!
    You are most certainly unique and we like you that way!


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