I am War Weary…….

I saw a statistic  somewhere that said that 68% of U.S. citizens are war weary.  I am certainly one of them.  Neither party seems to shy away from sending our kids and/or our dollars to fight in this or that conflict. After twelve years of constant war costing us thousands of our kids and $trillions I am war weary. Do we really need to be the policemen of the world even if it bankrupts us? Our war machine has cost us enough!

I was watching one of the cable news shows the other day where Lindsey Graham, who is a Republican senator from South Carolina say that we should send troops to aid in the Libyan uprising. He says they need our help and if Mr. Romney becomes president he will send the troops and the dollars to support them.  But I also saw that many if not most of the rebels currently receiving arms from abroad are jihadists. So, would we be actually be arming and training our enemies in how to kill us? Aren’t the jihadists the ones who call the U.S. the “Evil Satan”and are vowed to take terror to our streets? Are we really so anxious to give out our weaponry  that we don’t take the time to see just who we are arming?

It seems that the Republican party as a whole has never seen a war they didn’t like. I am war weary and pray that this march to war will end soon and sanity will return to our country. The Republicans are constantly harping about States rights.  They want everything to be decided at the local, or at least state level, in this country.  If that mentality is valid for States then why don’t they insist that all regional conflicts be settled at the regional level? Why do we need to go to literally the other side of the world to fight battles for them?

Yes the Libyans  rebels need help but why don’t their neighbors help them instead of us? I am tired of having such a large part of my tax dollars go to making war instead of working for peace. I am war weary and pray that some sanity return to our leaders, both Republican and Democrat, in regard to risking our kids lives and putting us further in debt with every conflict that arises in the world.

I am just tired of it!!!!

9 thoughts on “I am War Weary…….

  1. Dear Linsey did not listen to Romney when he said that he was not interested in sending troops — or even weapons—- to Libya. The entire war over there was a mistake in “we have a better system- you should do it too!”

    None is more war weary than the mother of s soldier.

    Bush was actually voted in because he promised no nation building- and then 911 happened. I strongly believe that the people we should have gone after for 911 were the Saudis–since that is actually where Bin Laden came (and recruited) from. I forget—they are our friends and we are so energy dependent we will do anything for the Saud family.

    At this point we need to be out of the middle east and treat it more like the rest of Africa Just let them kill each other- especially the Coptic Christians or those silly pagans. No skin off my nose if they slaughter their own people or their neighbors.


    1. For the most part we agree on this issue. I think most of Mr. Romney’s saber rattling is for political purposes so I am praying that if he were to become president he would not rush to war as he sometimes indicates. But then again he changes his mind so frequently how can I hold on to that belief 🙂 (the smile = said in jest)


    2. Yes, this!!!!! Because of the energy and the Bush family relationships with the Saudis, they got completely ignored. I’ll say here also that I personally believe that had we put Iraq aside and totally concentrated on Afghanistan and Bin Laden that the end result would have been muich better as well.


  2. I gather the mindset of these folks is we must control the deficit unless it goes to making war and weapons. The logical extension of that mindset is we end up with an uneducated, unemployed, unhealthy population with no retirement or medical safety net while we police the world to protect our way of living…..which at that point no sane person would want.

    Until we stop seeing everyone in the world as either an enemy or someone who wants to be made over in our image I’m afraid the idea that war = good will continue, even past the point of logic and bankruptcy.


    1. Hi Bob. I am usually not a defeatist so I am thinking there has to be a way to get our government out of the war/policemen-of-the-world mentality. We control our country’s direction by who we put in office. Maybe we should all be doing more homework on just who we are voting for. The only race that has an equal chance in my State is for Senator and everyone knows that Mr. Mourdock is very much a hawk even in domestic matters. I am doing what I can to assure he doesn’t get elected. But there again I end up voting against someone instead of for someone. Call me naive or whatever you want but I just won’t be defeated by the ideas that we can’t change this before it bankrupts us.


      1. Isn’t Mr. Mourdock the brainiac who just said that a woman who gets raped and pregnant is because of God’s will?

        Does this guy really have a chance of winning? Will he get one female vote?


        1. Yep that is the one. I hope that sinks his chances but given that Indiana is such a conservative State I can’t assume that. He is also the one who says that bipartisanship is when all the Democrats finally come over to the Republican party!! But this guy managed to defeat a 30 year Senator (Lugar) in the primaries so you can’t take anything for granted when it comes to Indiana politics.


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