Turning Human???

The whole thing seems too good to be true, but the whole world is changing, so maybe they are going to turn human. – May 18, 1933    — Will Rogers

Sometimes I like to “talk” with my heroes. The following in my imagined soliloquy to Will Rogers about his quote for today:

Will, I must admit that I don’t really know where you are going with this quote? Maybe you are talking about how people came together with common support during the Great Depression when you said these words.  I too see the whole world changing and probably more rapidly than you ever did.  Although you did live through most of the Great Depression so maybe I am wrong in that regard.  But I seem to see the exact opposite this time around in the changing world.

We don’t seem to becoming more human but instead we seem to be coming more self-centered.   I know being self-centered is not a recent phenomenon, there have been self-centered people throughout the ages. It is just that so many seem to be in that mode now.  There is just too much of a  survival of the fittest attitudes in today’s world.  I know these are tough times for many. One in twelve of us are without work and many more are struggling with two or more minimum wage jobs where one middle class job was once enough. Maybe it is not so much survival of the fittest but just survival that abounds today. Or maybe a better way to say it is “I’ve got mine, so screw you”.

Many of us just seem to have lost our compassion for each other.  We no longer seem willing to be our brother’s keeper. God told us two thousand years ago that we are to love him and love each other more than ourselves. That is to be the focus of our lives. The light of that message seems to be dwindling in today’s world.  Will, I know your world eighty years ago was in much worse shape than we are in today. I wish I could understand how you could be so optimistic with your quote above.

I have certainly not given up hope on my world. There are indeed pockets of generosity and love in this world and we need to find and feed them. There are some silver linings in today’s clouds that need enrichment. I, like you, will try to remain optimistic as the years go by. You taught me never to give up on each other and to always try to like everyone I meet.  I will do what I can to carry your optimism forward but it is indeed challenging….