I Got Some Explaining to Do……

I have some explaining to do here. In alignment with making a new design for this blog and this morning’s post about remaking ourselves I am making a new commitment to going back to the roots of this blog.   In other words I am turning over a new leaf. (I got to figure the origin of that phrase sometime) The words of Will Rogers have been a significant part of my life and of this blog. Regrettably I have been straying from that general area lately but I intend to make a course correction going forward.

That does not mean that I will quit talking about folks that might be controversial in one way or another but now I will do it in a more lighthearted mode. In other words I am going to move away from the dark side of politics.   I will also be going to Will’s words more frequently than I have in the past.

And that’s a promise….

We are living in an age of explanations, and plenty of  ’em too. N0 two things thats been done to us has been explained twice the same way be even the same man  – January 28, 1934    Will Rogers

 Now that I am done explaining it is time to get to work 🙂

6 thoughts on “I Got Some Explaining to Do……

  1. I always like reading whatever you decide to write, R.J. Altho, different and non-politcal topics would be refreshing now that the election is over. There will always be hot issues of course, but I think we could all use a break from the “arguing” that comes with political opinions …it’s like hitting your head against a brick wall sometimes. Hope we commentors haven’t worn you down too much:)
    So, please continue to write and bring us more of Will’s wisdom. Thank you, R.J.


    1. Yeah, that is where I am headed. Had enough politics for a while. But that doesn’t mean I won’t poke on those guys once in a while, especially President Obama now that he has four more years to get us out of the mess baby Bush left us in 🙂


  2. The movie Lincoln is a good reminder that our political storm and thunder has been going on since day one. Abe Lincoln was an astute politian who knew how to cajole people and twist arms when necessary.Even our greatest President was not above playing politics to achieve a greater good. It is important to remind ourselves that politics isn’t bad and it isn’t always something to rail against.

    I’m looking forward to your renewed focus on a more lighthearted approach. We all need a break.


    1. Oh, you saw the movie already? It is definitely on my to-do list. Being a U.S. history nut I have read much about Lincoln. One of the most fascinating was “Herndon’s Lincoln” written by his Springfield law partner. The book was pretty much shunned by early historians as it sometimes did not put Lincoln in a good light. Everything Ken Burns does is good so I can’t wait to see his version of Lincoln.

      More lighthearted is what we all need after this rigorous campaign season. I hope I can provide just that.


  3. Whatever you write about is true to your heart and well said! We need more open minded people like you in this world! There are too many parrots that say things that they have no idea the origin and the facts behind their opinion. It would be a dull life without people like you. We are led to understand you by your questioning and you continue to give us the courage to have our say in things that touch or arouse out thoughts. I cast my vote to keep on trucking this curvy road of free thoughtful thinking,


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