They know it is painful; they know it is damaging but….

Some call them sexy; some call them erotic. I call them gross!!!!

I’m sorry ladies but I simply can’t understand why you torture yourselves so much? Do you think if you are six inches taller people will be more attracted to you?  Do you really think they make you look sexier?

Here is what I think and of course since I am just an old guy I’m sure you could care less but I am going to have my say anyway.  I kinda believe the a woman’s IQ is inversely proportional to the height of her heels.  When I see women prancing around on the tips of their toes I wonder who they are trying to impress.  I just can’t understand why so many women, who usually have more common sense than most of us men have, do such stupid things to themselves simply because someone tells them it is the latest trend.

It seems that women need to be guided around like sheep when it comes to the fashion world. No matter how absurd so many seem to jump in line with every trend that comes along. It just doesn’t make any sense to me; I guess I am just too practical or maybe to contrarian for fashion trends.

Here is an article about how women are undergoing surgery in order to fit into these monstrosities. I’m just a simple guy so what do I know….

via Women undergoing foot surgery to fit into heels better – CBS News.

Despite the risks, women are increasingly requesting cosmetic foot procedures — including shortening their toes, adding collagen to their heels and even removing their pinky toe — in order to fit into those sky-high stilettos. Others opt to lop parts off in order to fit into a smaller size….. She also said that wearing shoes is like counting calories in a diet: We should set a time limit to how long we should endure the pain. Brenner suggested give or take two hours for heels, three hours for flats, six hours for boots and all day for sneakers.

6 thoughts on “They know it is painful; they know it is damaging but….

  • I saw this article too. That surgery is just nuts. But, you know, I really don’t think this is a prevelant trend in most segments of society. I don’t get out to clubs and such but I have been to a couple big weddings lately and shopping downtown, etc…. I don’t see a lot of these 6 inch heels anywhere. Heels yes, but not the extreme ones. And even then they take them off to dance and walk around the party room in. What is also a mystery to me is how these young girls wear all their heels without stockings now. My daughters tell me that’s the fashion and that is what I see…but imagine how those shoes must rub and blister. I know I am hopelessly out of it, but outside of Hollywood and maybe New York I can’t imagine regular women having this crazy surgery, can you? Maybe it depends on which part of the country you live in ….you won’t even see many high heels in Minnesota in the winter that’s for sure!
    But like you always say…what do I know?


    • Thanks for the comment Jane. Since I am not up on the fashion scene I welcome your input on the very (un) important matter. 🙂 I certainly hope that it is limited to Hollywood and such but I was in the mall yesterday and saw a lot of them for sale there. So I remain a little skeptical. I got a kick out of the article that advised not wearing them for more than two hours at a time…..

      But as you mimic, what do I know…
      BTW. That saying comes from when Will Rogers finished many of his daily columns in the newspaper (we call them blog posts today) he closed them with: “All I know is what I read in the newspaper”. So, I kind of shortened it up a little..


  • Jane, the no nylons thing isn’t a biggie – I pretty much stopped wearing them my last five years or so at work, and had no issues with heels comfort. Mind you, I have pretty awesome lower legs from years and years of running, so I felt pretty confident without nylons. Had I not, I’d have just switched over to black – the new nude.

    Anyhow, personally, I love the look of these shoes – I find them to be like little works of art -however, I’ve seen young women walking in them,and they end up sort of waddling around like ducks, quite amusing to watch. Perhaps we should just buy them as home decor items instead of trying to actually wear them.

    Conversely, the flat heel boot trend currently in style? I’m loving that one!


  • Lucky you Tamara…The black stocking are great! But, I’m from stout peasant stock and I couldn’t wear those heels if my life depended on it:) They do “look” kinda gorgeous, tho I admit. So, I do like the idea of using them as art…some lighted boxes on the wall perhaps…hmmmm.
    Oh and, R.J., thank you for humoring us with this lightweight topic:)


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