I’ve Got This Pain….

Banner - About LifeOld personI know when I was younger I always got a laugh about how old people seem to always be talking about having this pain or that. It was not of much interest to me to hear about others pain so I couldn’t understand why it seemed a daily conversation with so many old people.  Several of the blogs I browse daily are basically journal of the bloggers daily activity and of course that includes their pains; especially the blogs that have “retirement” in their title.

As I have gotten older I have come to understand this daily ritual. It is not so much that I want to hear about someone else’s pain but instead that I want to tell them about my pain.  Telling someone about your pain seems to make some of it go away. 🙂  I’m sure the other person is no more interested in my pain than I am about his but it is sort of a reciprocal thing. You listen to mine and I will listen to yours.

As evidenced by the comments that follow blog posts about pain it is obvious that the same etiquette applies in the blog world.  When many of my fellow bloggers post about some general life issue they might get a couple of comments in reply. But let them post about having this or that pain and more often than not scores of comments come in about how they sympathize and then a story about their own pains.

I don’t talk about my personal pains too much here but believe me I have them and more seem to come every day lately. If I want my ratings/views up maybe I should talk about all my pains:

  • maybe I should be talking about the compression fractures up and down my back as a result of falling on ice over the years.
  • maybe I should be talking about my arthritis that is getting continuously worse as I age.
  • maybe I should be talking about my sciatica which give me occasional problems.
  • maybe I should be talking about my osteoporosis (yeah 20% of those with this condition are men).
  • maybe I should be talking about sacroiliac problems. (yes believe me that is a real condition).
  • maybe I should talk about shrinking four inches in the last ten years or so..

And these are just the problems that come immediately to mind 🙂   Imagine if I gave the list a day or two to complete! But, I am just not the type of guy who does things simply for ratings so I won’t mention these things on my blog (but didn’t’ I just do that?).

I will leave it up to my fellow “senior” bloggers to cover this area and I will stick to poking fun at life as my hero Will Rogers taught me.

But I am just a simple guy so what do I know…..