Bean Soup….

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soupIf I happen to have some bean soup, I want to be able to locate, at pretty prompt intervals, some little objects that look to me like beans. I don’t want a bowl of it where the beans have just been driven through it at low tide.  July 17, 1927    Will Rogers

This quote from Will pretty much aligns with the one from this morning except now we are talking about wimpy food instead of people. But come to think of it maybe that is our problem, too much wimpy food.  In Will’s day they hadn’t discovered all the Cholesterol and vitamin  stuff so everyone was pretty much just ate what they wanted.   And for the most part they choose meat and potatoes, and big portions of it.

Now we would never consider putting a big old side of pork fat in our bean soup. Just too much fat they tell us but that was standard fare in Will’s day. Another thing that almost everyone did in Will’s day was to automatically shake a heap of salt on whatever was on your plate.  After all you could never put too much salt on anything. Nowadays you usually can’t even find the salt shaker on the table. Maybe we are wimps because of our restricting diets?

My wife, God bless her beautiful soul, sometimes gets it in her mind to try this new exciting recipe on me. The latest one was a bean soup with a special kind of bean. Good old navy beans were the usual fare back in Will’s day. Not only did she have to use a special bean but the recipe called for running them all through a blender after they were cooked! So, as Will said above there were no little objects that looked like beans anywhere in the bowl.  I am glad I do most of the cooking around our homestead. If I didn’t I would probably be exposed to these wimpy recipes on a regular basis.  My wife is just too girly when it comes to eating. She complains on a regular basis when we are eating out the she just gets too much meat. I alway roll my eyes and tell her “too much is better than two little” but I don’t think she that gets through to her very often. Her idea of the right amount seems to be just waving the meat over the place before it is brought to the table!! I think that is kind of what Will was referring to with the low tide comment.

Maybe we are a nation of wimps because we don’t get enough fat and salt now like we did in the good old days.

But what do I know. I’m just a wimpy guy now forced to eat mostly lettuce with no-fat, no-salt salad dressing . Good old meat and potatoes don’t get on my plate very often anymore.

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