Regret Becomes Less Common…..

I can only say with 100% certainty how I personally feel about things. I won’t speak for others in that regard. I will admit that as I am getting older I am strangely happier and more settled in my life than I ever have been. This is despite the fact that my body continues to tell me I am over the hill.  When I ran across this article this morning it told me that I am not alone in this regard. Here are some of the words from the source:

Source:  Good news about aging: Get older, feel better, study finds – Vitals.

“We were astounded by how physical disability and self-rated successful aging went in diametrically opposite directions with aging,” Jeste told NBC News.  The results also suggested that the more resilient people are — or able to cope with acute stressors — the better they aged. Conversely, people who reported higher levels of depression were less likely to say they were aging well.

The new results are consistent with previous research that shows that people are depressed in middle age, but then become happier as they get older, Jeste said.  That may be because older folks likely have grappled with the most contentious questions of life — work, family, finances — and come to some resolution.   “As people get older, they are less bothered by negative stimuli,” Jeste said. “You take things in stride. Regret becomes less common.”

As pointed out here I think one of the big factors is that I just don’t have much regret about things as I used to. I accept that “life isn’t fair” and that sometimes we don’t get the breaks we think we deserve. I used to fret over such things but as I am getting older they just don’t matter much anymore. They are just not important anymore.

It took me almost six decades of living in this world before I finally found out who I am. I hear of others who discovered that secret, or at least they think they did, much earlier in life. But, I kind of think that I am more typical than those folks. It was not until I settled into my retirement that I knew what my life was supposed to have been about all along. It is never too late to discover that. 🙂

Personal PeaceMy body continues to degrade on a seemingly weekly basis now but I am not stressed about that. I try to take care of myself. I watch my weight and try to walk at least three miles each day. But due to compression fractures in my back I am no longer able to lift much weight. Due to my deafness and aging I am not as steady on my feet as I used to be. And, of course, my daily regimen of pills increases in a regular basis. I accept the fact that I am getting older; I just don’t fret about it any more.

I know young people can’t understand how old people can be happier when they face so many health issues. It is all a matter of contentment.  Don’t try to convince me that I need to do whatever I can to look younger. I am past that vanity point in my life. I know where I am going now. Eventually I will die like everyone else. That really doesn’t scare me much anymore. I just enjoy each moment now and don’t fret over how many of them are left. I am at peace with myself and that is what makes me happy now.

One thought on “Regret Becomes Less Common…..

  • Love the picture of you and your dog. Relaxed and just enjoying life.
    I think letting go of regret is a huge step. I never really thought about it until you brought it up.I don’t know when I made that step— but it wasn’t long ago. Feels wonderful—now that I know it is gone.


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