The Slippery Slope…..


I am totally sick of the “slippery slope” that my conservative friends so often cling to!!

If I hear another person give me a slippery slope story I just might punch them. The idea of the slippery slope consumes so much of their lives. It is the center point for their current stands against gun regulation. It is the center point for their current stands of excluding anyone from their religious circles who don’t totally align with them. Ā It is the center point of their current stands on taxes.

The slippery slope goes like this:

Gun Regulation

“If we allow even one case of limiting our rights to own anything dealing with our guns then that will result in them taking away all our guns that we love so much. If we give into an assault weapons ban the next thing will be our 100 loadĀ cartridges. Then before long we won’t be allowed to have ANY guns.”


“If we say that the Bible just may contain somethings that are literally not true then before long we will have to admit that the whole book is garbage. That will lead to totally throwing out the Bible as a part of our religious practices. And when the Bible is gone then they will go after God and force us to say he is a myth.”


“If we give in to any tax increase then the gates will be open to all of them. We would then slip into a totally socialist state where all our money is taken from us to give to those who Ā are just too lazy to work. We will turn into a communist nation!”

The slippery slope makes me sick. Come on people, the world is not black or white! It is many shades of grey. Your “all or nothing” stands just don’t make sense to me. If the current leadership of your gun rights organization refuses to allow any gun regulations then throw them out and start over again. The supreme court says you have a right to your guns so quit worrying about it. Ā Instead please think about the next school room invasion.

Allowing some of your church’s members to believe that the earth is more than 6,000 years old will not cause your religious practices or beliefs to crumble to ashes. Diversity is what makes the U.S. the great nation it is and diversity in your religious organization will strengthen them, not cause them to crumble. Your insistence on throwing out anyone who might not believe 100% of what you do is causing the implosion you dread so much; the slippery slope has nothing to do with it. When you insist that everyone check their intelligence at the church door you are stifling membership. Why can’t you understand that?

Allowing taxes to rise to where they have historically been on the richest of the rich in our country will not result in an avalanche of new taxes on all of us. No it will not solve all our problems nor will it open the gates for more taxes on all of us. Quit worrying about breaking your pledge to Grover and start worrying about the country.

If you want to believe something then believe that the “slippery slope” is a myth that is actually causing much of the problems you rail against in today’s world.

2 thoughts on “The Slippery Slope…..

    1. Thanks for the visit CTW.. I enjoy your blog also. As a matter of fact I am using a quote from your site about deafness in a Jan 2, 2013 post. Yeah I write that far ahead sometimes šŸ™‚


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