It Is, But It Isn’t…..

Source: What counts as a tax hike? Not Boehner ‘fallback’ plan, says antitax group –

GroverThe keeper of the GOP’s antitax oath has rendered judgment on House Speaker John Boehner’s fallback “fiscal cliff” plan that would allow Bush-era tax cuts to expire only for millionaires: It is not a tax increase.

So decrees Americans for Tax Reform, the conservative advocacy group led by antitax activist Grover Norquist. With that step, the group gives a measure of political cover to congressional Republicans who back the speaker’s plan to retain current low tax rates for all but those with incomes higher than $1 million.

The GOP and particularly Mr. Bohner has gone to the mountain and Grover has spoken. The tax increase that is in “Plan B” is not a tax increase so he will not strike down those who might choose to vote for it.  It would seem that with Grover’s approval the “compromise” would be voted in.  Wrong!!  Before I tell you why I want to jump off-topic for a little bit.
When I first saw this article it reminded me of something that happened about forty years ago.  Here is the story. As I have mentioned before my mother abandoned my father, me and my younger brother when I was about nine years old. She did so in order to marry someone much richer.  She just couldn’t fathom living on a milkman’s paycheck. About ten years into that marriage her husband decided that she was over the hill and divorced her so he could marry a much younger secretary.  No, my mother didn’t marry Newt, that was someone else.

After the rich guy dumped her she wanted to marry a devout Catholic. The problem with that was that she had been legally married and divorced from two husbands and the Catholic church doesn’t like to marry divorcees.  No problem, with enough money anything can be worked out. So, in order to marry husband number four (the first was killed in World War II when she was fifteen) she petitioned Rome to invalidate her previous two marriages. This took considerable time and I imagine quite a bit of money but eventually Rome ruled that she was never married to my dad ( even though she married him in a Catholic church) or the husband that came after him ( he was an atheist  )! When the decree came down from Rome husband number four was met at the altar.

It didn’t strike me until later that this ruling somehow decided that my brother and I didn’t exist. If my mother was not married to my father then where did  I come from? These kind of games that many Christian organizations play in one form or another are one of the reasons I have been turned off by current day versions of Christianity. Their get-arounds from what Jesus teaches just seems absurd to me.

So, getting back to the political realm, looking at what happened yesterday it looks like there are just too many Republicans who have been against everything for so long that they no longer even know how to vote “for” something. Go figure……