Following Their Principles…..

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RooseveltIt seems we hear a lot about how the Republicans say they can’t vote for this or for that because they must “follow their principles”.  The trouble with all this is that they don’t want any government so blowing up the system IS following their principles.

Their hero told them that “government is the problem”. But what is a country without government?  That condition is called “everyone for themselves”. Is that what we want for our country? I think not; at least for 99% of us.

Is there really anything except shutting down government that can pass through a GOP controlled house of representatives now days? Are they really so head strong on eliminating their own jobs? That would be a first for any government employee wouldn’t it?

In some ways I really sympathize with Mr. Boehner, he is looking for a way to get his party to agree to anything but he just can’t seem to get through to those birds on its radical fringe. There seems to be two possibilities here. One is that the moderates will finally come to their senses and take the party back to the center.  The other possibility is that the loonies finally grab total control from the frenzied and fearful majority.  I certainly pray for the first example but really imagine that the second one will actually result. But on second thought the sooner the loonies get control the sooner the grand ole party will implode and be replaced by something that has at least an ounce of common sense. Maybe we should just get this over and done with… The sooner the better….

Somehow we have got to get it through these guys on both sides of the aisle that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH even if it takes a million moms on the Washington Mall screaming it until they are hoarse. When will all those yahoos in Washington start representing the people instead of cowering from the likes of the NRA, Rush,  Cheney, and Grover? I am convinced that the majority of Republicans in congress know and want to do what is right for the country but they are just afraid of the wrath of the blowhards of their party. We sure do need a Teddy Roosevelt type Republican to come in and take control of this cowering batch. Where are you Teddy when we need you.

4 thoughts on “Following Their Principles…..

  1. I have tried to think what would make the people that would sacrifice the American people at the altar of their gods come to their senses. Would it help if everyone of their big contributors came to call…all on the same day and told them to straighten up? Why to I feel an undercurrent of bigotry that is so deep that the black hole reaches to the center of the earth? I wonder!



    1. Hi b+, I’m not in that black hole yet. I still think something will turn this all around. Just don’t know what it is going to be…. But the leaders in both parties, and that includes the president, need to step back and actually listen to those who elected them and not just those with the loudest and most vulgar voices.

      They need a Teddy Roosevelt type to come in and knock some sense into their thick heads…….


    1. Ok Janette I will bite on this one.

      First shutting down our government is a Republican issue. I don’t know of any Democrats who espouse that.

      Second, surely you can see that the Republicans are the ones who have filibustered more in the last 3 years than all of the rest of history. They have very conscientiously chosen to try and shut down the process.

      Third, you have got to admit that the Democrats are just not organized enough to be lead around by the likes of the NRA, Rush, Cheney, and Grover.

      Fourth, I take my examples of what I say and how I say it from Will Rogers. He picked on the Republicans and so do I…. Much of what he said was in jest and so do I…

      Last, ranting? maybe you want to call it that but I don’t think I said anything hateful here; maybe a little pretentious but not hateful. I love my Republican friends or they wouldn’t still be friends.

      I am sorry that I seem to hit on a sensitive nerve for you occasionally but don’t take my words personally. I don’t think you are on the loony fringe of your party.In fact I am hoping that some day you take your party back from them. 🙂


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