Christmas Birds

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Christmas Blizzard Birds

This is one of my favorite shots from the recent blizzard. When snow covers the ground the cardinals and a few bluejays are frequent visitors to our old apple tree in the back.  They await their turn at the winter bird feeder.


  1. Oh, that’s so pretty. The branches of the bare bushes reminded me of our neighbors who cut down a tree and piled up all the branches in their yard and left them like that for about a year. The birds loved the pile of tall sticks and it was a constant source of noise and commotion to entertain us for that summer and winter. Of course the hawks found it a nice source too:( Anyway, sure love those winter snow photos of yours, R.J.


    1. Thanks Jane. We almost lost the old apple tree a couple of years ago. It is actually on our neighbor’s property and he thought he would do us a favor by cutting it down. We told him that we actually loved that old tree and so do many of the winter birds. The apples it produces aren’t much but…

      We feed the birds throughout the year; in the winter months we go through about 150 lbs of seed and 15 or so suet cakes a month! But the scenes like the one in the picture make it all worth it.


    1. Good morning Janette, yeah don’t comment while in the car, especially if you are driving. 🙂 The picture resides as my screen desktop for a while. Since we live in a pretty forested area we have LOTS of birds. Keep out the sunflower seeds, safflower, thistle, and suet and they certainly come. We love watching the cardinals against the snow background. This time I managed to get a bluejay in their midst. Adds to the color doesn’t it.


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