Where We Are Not Wanted….

Banner - Will Rogers

Americans have one particular trait that they need never have any fear of some other nation copying, that is, we are the only people that will go where we know we are absolutely not wanted.  
— Will Rogers January 8, 1927 —

IntrudeAnd you thought this was a recent thing didn’t you.  But once again Will shows us that we have been butting our noses in where we are not welcomed for at least eighty years now and I suspect much longer than that. This trait is very strange to me; about the same as our fascination with guns.  Why do we go where we are not welcomed?

Is it our sense of military superiority that gets us in so much trouble? Just because we have by far the biggest army in the world and the most and biggest weapons doesn’t mean that we need to constantly use them.


  1. This is a little off topic but did you watch any of the news on cable last night? While the congressman were hard at work in the House, the reporters were outside in the “Will Rogers hallway” with a statue of Will behind them!” I thought that was kind of special!


    1. We were in DC last Spring with a bus tour but the capital building was closed to tourists due to all the building going on there. I did want to see that statue of Will but missed it. Darn…….


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