About That Pork…..

Source: Fiscal cliff deal includes at least $67.9 billion for special interests – U.S. News.

Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., was less diplomatic.

pork“It’s so incredibly disappointing that members of Congress saw fit to add hundreds of millions of dollars in special-interest handouts to the recently passed ‘fiscal cliff’ bill, which had the simple purpose of avoiding massive tax rate increases on average Americans,” McCain said Thursday.

“It’s hard to think of anything that could feed the cynicism of the American people more than larding up must-pass emergency legislation with giveaways to special interests and campaign contributors,” he said. “And this growing cynicism — largely justified in my view — will make it harder for us to deliver the tough medicine needed to address our crushing national debt.”

It seems that the maverick qualities of John McCain were not totally drained from him by his presidential bid. He is back at it criticizing “pork” in our federal processes. Way to go John! It just seems unfathomable to me the things that are attached to so many bills that go through congress. I know this has been going on for generations but it seems that if we had the right leaders they could stop this sort of stuff.
They can’t seem to pass anything that is really needed in our country but give them a bill that they can load with pork and it will certainly happen. That seem about the only thing both the Republicans and the Democrats can do together. If they ever eventually get around to any real discussions about deficit reduction I hope all the pork spending that happens gets addressed.  I know it is a small percentage of the overall spending but it is the principle of the thing that matters.

Now if we could just get McCain to concentrate on getting rid of pork and get him off the hyper-critical partisanship he might actually do some good for the country in his few remaining years in public office.

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