Our Natural Gas – What is Good for the Nation???

“If exporting [LNG] means accelerated development, then we will more rapidly deplete natural gas resources that could help sustain future generations of Americans, leading to higher prices as resources diminish,” he wrote.

source: Should US export natural gas? Study for DOE fuels fiery debate. – CSMonitor.com.

This was a rather lengthy article (3 pages) and it was not until the last paragraph (shown above) did the question “what is good for the nation?” actually come up. Throughout the article it was widely acknowledged that if we allow natural gas to be exported it will result in significantly higher natural gas and electric costs to us. It was also stated the winners in this ploy would be those who own large amounts of stock in the natural gas industry; i.e.. the 1%ers.

It seems strange to me, but I’m just an ordinary guy, that we even talk about exporting an energy product while we are a huge energy importer via our oil imports from the Middle East.  Our seemingly never-ending need for more oil has gotten us into most of the problems we have had in the last forty or more years.

We need to look at this from a standpoint of what is good for the nation as a whole including our present circumstances and our future generations. In my mind our natural resources are nationally owned. Just because someone has the title to a piece of land does not mean that they should own everything under it. Of course our nation of lawyers will tell you that is wishful thinking.  But, then again maybe its time we actually acted on some wishful thoughts instead of letting the hyper-rich decide these things for us….

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