The Only Thing We Have To Do In Life Is Die…..

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PrintI just got finished reading a blog post with the above title. The conclusion that the author came to was therefore to do only those things that make you happy. While this very narcissistic world view is pretty prominent today it all comes down to “what makes you happy?” That question alone could fill a library. Happiness is a very transcendent term. I have lived on this earth longer than many and I have come to the conclusion that when you focus your life totally on yourself you will never reach any significant level of true  happiness.

Everyone, especially those of us who are beyond mid-life are very aware that death could be just around the corner. Maybe that is the only thing we “have” to do but there are a lot of things in our lives before that inevitable condition.  When I originally saw the post I immediately pre-supposed that the author would continue the sentence with “Everything else is a choice”. The author of this post it turns out is a young girl currently attending college so I guess I should excuse her for taking what I consider a pretty shallow approach to this deeply philosophical statement. I’m pretty sure that as she accumulates knowledge she will see quite different answers to this question.

But I do thank her for the thought behind the statement. It gives me a chance to think about it in context of my much longer life than hers. Yes, the only thing we have to do in life is die; everything else is a series of choices we make and we make hundreds of choices every day. Those daily choices eventually accumulate into what we are.  I, like many others  probably did not have very well defined life goals as we go through life. We treated life as a here and now event. There is nothing terribly wrong with that but it does often lead to a haphazard existence. A life without direction or goals or a purpose.

Our spiritual core drives many of us at least on some level. When we finally “get it” about this topic it solidifies our directions in life. We then have an overall goal for living. I know it has for me…..

2 thoughts on “The Only Thing We Have To Do In Life Is Die…..

  1. I have to say that I agree with both of you really. First, I agree with her that you should do things that make your life happy. You only get one go-around, and it’s best not to waste it on misery, ingratitude, or general grouchiness and complaining. When you’re happy, you have a positive effect on others around you, adding to their happiness and well-being. Ask my husband whether his life is better when I am happy . . .

    And I also agree with you that if you don’t think outside of yourself, you will not achieve happiness. So that’s not mutually exclusive–in order to be happy, you have to help others in their journey or you won’t actually be happy. You need that too in order to be happy, in my opinion, but we’re still talking about making yourself happy, aren’t we?


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