I Don’t Have Adobe Flash….

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FlashFor those of you who don’t know what Adobe Flash is it is an add-on to your web browser that allows you to view all the videos around now. But, it also is used to make many of those flashy things that distract you from reading content. Those just bug me to no end! Maybe being deaf I am more sensitive to that flashing than most people are?  To remove this pain I have purposely chosen to do without Flash.  I can tell you my web viewing life is simpler now. I used to have a large post-pad handy to cover up all those flashing ads; that did a pretty good job but it was cumbersome.

Not being able to view videos on the web is not a big thing for me. The reason for that is that most are not captioned as they are on TV.  Yes, I realize that some videos offer a captioning option but for the most part they are pretty crude and inaccurate. I am praying that as things progress video captioning will improve as it did for TV programs. Given that more and more videos are replacing text, if captioning doesn’t improve I may be locked out of much of what I take for granted today.

For the vast majority of my web browsing I use the Safari browser that came with my Mac Book Air. But I do admit that I on occasion use Microsoft’s browser and it is loaded with Adobe Flash. So, when there is something that I just “have” to see I flip over to that one.