6 thoughts on “Cabinet Shop Examples…

  1. Rod, the one you made us have recieved many compliments….and will be an heirloom we pass on to Erin. You did great work, and I know you use the same passion in your current endevors. Nice seeing these other examples of your work, Gods peace my friend.


  2. These are worth more than a thousand words. Outstanding for sure. Besides writing, you have a lot of talents and GOOD that you put them into action so that we can enjoy them. Do you still build cabinets these days?


    1. Hi Mary, thanks for the compliments. I opened the shop in 2000 and closed it in early 2007. It was fun for a while but like many other things in my life it just got boring 🙂 But I made a lot of cabinets for many people throughout the Midwest. The deliveries were an excuse to take a mini-vacation in the area of the customer. That was fun….


  3. I also had a passion for photography for most of my life, but after being in an unprofitable business in Nashville in a co-op gallery for eight years, I lost my desire to photograph for ten years. It was due to attempting to always focus on sales instead of enjoyment. The same experience happened with conducting writing classes or writing groups. After teaching or conducting writing for sixteen years, I do not desire to teach or ever attend a writing workshop again. My satisfaction is writing occasional letters to friends or writing on Facebook postings. There are numerous creative outlets for our spirit of living life to the fullest. We are in the “prime” of our lives at this stage of our life.


    1. Doing it for sales instead of enjoyment does have something to do with it becoming boring. Almost all of my work was from my own designs but after you have made twenty of the same cabinet the creativity is pretty much gone. It was fun while it lasted but like many things in my life it was time for a change….

      My satisfaction in doing blogs is because I have no one to answer to with what I talk about. That is except maybe my readers to a limited degree (ha). I have had several opportunities to put ads on the site but have chosen not to for the very reason as I don’t want to be beholden to the people who are paying me. I don’t really need the money so why chance it affecting my thoughts and words.


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