An Aerobic Workout….

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aerobicI was just watching something on MSNBC that got me to thinking. Yes I do on occasion watch that “liberal trash” as some of my conservative friends call it. Of course if I were to make the same comment about anything on Fox News they would act totally shocked. 🙂 But what got me to thinking had nothing to do with the matter being discussed.

I drifted off the topic here so let me get back to my thoughts. When I watch some of the people talk they are constantly waving their arms in one manner or another. At times they almost hit the person sitting next to them.  It seems as if being on some of these shows is almost a contact sport.

If these guys and gals had to sit on their hands I’m not sure they could even get a word of out their mouths. One of my favorites on MSNBC is Chris Hayes. He definitely gets an aerobic workout during his two-hour broadcasts on Saturday and Sunday.  He gets plenty of upper body exercise on the show and that does not even include his riding his bike to work from Brooklyn to Manhattan each day.

Since I am deaf I know that the sign for the word “english” is to  put one hand quietly on top of the other will little or not movement. Almost all sign language signs are made up due to a particular characteristic of the word.  It is generally known that the English seldom move their bodies while they talk. To them it must seem undignified to be waving their hands around like their Italian neighbors do so frequently.  I don’t think Mr. Hayes is Italian but given that he lives in Brooklyn I am sure he is around many Italians on a daily basis. When I lived in New Jersey the common joke was that there was never an Italian in New York City that didn’t think he and his brother could open up an Italian restaurant and be a big success. 🙂 Believe me there were many in NJ.

I guess my English/Scottish roots show through when I discuss something as I don’t frequently use hand motions to emphasize what I am saying. In order to get my aerobic workout I need to get from behind my desk to take my Bassett hound Beulah for her daily walks and that is exactly what I intend to do right now.  I sure am hoping for an early Spring and at least a little rain this summer…..

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