I Had Hopes But…..

Source: Rubio: Reported Obama Immigration Plan ‘Dead On Arrival’ | Rubio | Fox Nation.

RejectedSen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) on Saturday panned a reported immigration reform proposal from President Obama, saying it would be “dead on arrival” in Congress.

If actually proposed, the President’s bill would be dead on arrival in Congress, leaving us with unsecured borders and a broken legal immigration system for years to come,” said Rubio in a statement

I really had hope that the “new” Republicans in the Senate and House would at least be willing to do a minimal amount of compromise in working with their Democratic counterparts. But that hope took a serious beating recently when Senator Marco Rubio, who is now considered the darling of the Senate, made a comment about President Obama immigration bill that he has proposed.

I was hoping to hear words like “We don’t agree with all of it but it is a starting point for negotiations”.  Instead what Mr. Rubio shouted as quickly as he could, I imagine he has really not read the bill, that it “IS DEAD ON ARRIVAL”. For you blog newbies caps means shouting 🙂 Call me naive but I thought the typical political procedures were for the two parties to present their ideas and then to work together to pick the best, or at least the most acceptable, of the two.  To me DEAD ON ARRIVE doesn’t accomplish anything in that arena.

I don’t know who Mr. Rubio was trying to impress with is quick words of opposition? I thought the tea party was waning in the wings of their party now that Mr. Rove   has declared war on them. So, I imagine it was not for their sake.  It is widely shown in poll after poll that the populace want very much for those people in Washington to get along so I know Mr. Rubio was not shouting for us.  So, why was he so quick to jump on the stalemate bandwagon.

Maybe Senator Rubio just has a bad PR guy who can’t get to him quick enough before words blurt out of his mouth.  I was kind of hoping he would be one of the future leaders to help bring us back together. I had my hopes up but…..

But I’m just a simple guy so what do I know….

5 thoughts on “I Had Hopes But…..

  1. Yes, Rubio’s statement sounds a bit strident. But (1) he’s potentially running against an even louder Sen Cruz from TX in 2016 and may feel the need to be “loud” and (2) I understand from my corner of Virginia that 8 senators, half Democrats and half Republicans, already have their own immigration bill nearly ready to go with bi-partisan support and with an expectation it might actually pass. Obama’s plan apparently does appear DOA because it would disrupt the delicate compromise and spoil the chance of anything productive happening. The President’s plan, it seems, is simply too late to the party. For now, anyway.


    1. Thanks for the comments Steve. I just find it ironic that the Republicans, especially Boehner are constant crying that the president is not involved with them and then when he does present something they yell DEAD ON ARRIVAL. It is a very mixed message to me but then again it seems that everything the GOP does lately is against conventional wisdom…..


  2. Agreed, and from what I can tell, bipartisanship has seen few healthy days since the founding of the country. Other than times of war (itself quite a pity), the fractiousness seems to take few vacation days and whichever is the party out of power at the moment usually seems most guilty of fanning the flames.


  3. If you have bought the house with a friend and then your parent comes up and says you should have bought another home….it is too late.
    The eight Senators have been working on a BILL not just an idea.
    He was late.
    Work on gun control or…the economy!


    1. Hi Janette. That is not my point that he might have been late. It is the general attitude that screams “DEAD ON ARRIVAL” that gets to me. If we look at what is in the president’s plan versus what Rubio is backing there are many similarities. But, if the opposition wants it it must be wrong. Why can’t we look for places where we agree and then go from there. You are old enough to remember when that actually happened in DC.


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