Why Do I Blog??

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Computer UserI got to thinking the other day that I spend quite a bit of time blogging. I presently maintain two very active blogs (this one and another related to being a follower of Jesus).  In the past I have run six blogs at the same time.  Am I crazy or something? When I got right down to it I realize that blogging is now my creative outlet.

My body continues to degrade as the months go by. While I am still a pretty active guy I find I have more and more pains and conditions as time passes. When I was in the corporate world I designed and implemented software tools for an engineering division. When I retired from that I opened a cabinet shop and designed and built dozens of different hutches and such. Those were my creative activities. Now that I am retired and with a dwindling body I chose something a little less physical.  Even though I am now old my brain continues to travel at a mile a minute. I have spent my life asking “why” and I expect that will be the last word out of my mouth.

As I have mentioned I have always loved writing; it has always come easily for me.  I think that if I had had an impassioned guidance counselor in high school I would have likely chosen a literary field of endeavor instead of the technical one.  I wonder what my life would have looked like if I had chosen that path?  I read books at an early age and reading has been a lifelong activity for me.

When I went deaf twenty-five years ago much of my daily person to person interactions ceased. Daily chit-chat became nearly impossible. I could not get into discussions about the topics of the day with others.  Blogging allows me to do that again. It has become my virtual “ears”. Where others can call a friend and talk whatever is on their mind I do that now via blogs. I am an impassioned altruist now and blogging  also allows me to reach out to others with that message.  I hope I get through to a least a few with my messages.

At its foundation writing for me is my creative outlet. It allows me to express myself in way that I can’t or maybe wouldn’t do otherwise. I guess I am still a pretty creative person as I do blog a lot!  Thanks to everyone who occasionally listens…..

11 thoughts on “Why Do I Blog??

  1. I’ve seen in my own family those who remained intellectually (if not physically) active have lived into their 90s, and those who retired to a life of tv and limited interpersonal engagement declined decades more rapidly. Small sample set, but I’m convinced…


  2. Yeah, me too Steve. Keeping mentally active keep us young, no matter what our chronological age. Staying mentally active even if part of it is in the political world is better than a life in front of the television.

    I am glad I found Will Rogers so many years ago. Without his indirect guidance I doubt I would have found a blogging outlet. I can’t say like he did that “I never met a man I didn’t like” but I can say “I never met a man I didn’t try to like”. 🙂


  3. I had a creative writing teacher in high school (Mr. Durkins) who fired up my lifeloong passion for reading and writing. Like you, blogging allows me a creative outlet that is much less messy than my wife’s artistic endeavors. Unlike her, if I do something I don’t like I can just hit ‘delete.’

    I was in Tucson a few days ago meeting with blogging buddies Linda Myers and Barbara Torris. I admitted at times I feel as if I’ve covered every possible retirement topic several times over. The question was asked why I blog and why do I feel compelled to write 3 posts a week.

    Besides the creative answer, two more components were uncovered during this chat: I feel a bit of an obligation to my readers to keep doing what I am doing, and frankly, I like the recognition that has gotten me into magazines, books, and the PBS blog. So, in all honestly, we determined that my ego plays a part in the decision to keep on keeping on.


    1. Hi Bob. Yeah I saw on your blog that you guys got together. That’s great. I guess Donna above really described me. I do it more for the joy and virtual camaraderie than most anything else. I do keep an eye on the number of views I get and am happy to see them always increasing so I’m sure a certain amount of satisfaction from recognition is also involved. I have had a couple of offers to put ads on the site for a little monthly monetary gain which I have turned down but even being asked is a compliment.

      Not being a niche blog covering only one topic gives me more freedom than you have so maybe that is why I can put out twelve posts to your three (ha). But then again maybe it is just a matter of quantity over quality…. 😉


  4. Well, I don’t blog…just read them 🙂 There are many people like you who can write well but are not professional writers. I like to read these articles and opinions from a variety of relatively anonymous writers to whom I can actually respond to and exchange views in a brief and non-threatening format. And I appreciate that so many of you post daily or at least weekly with many different topics. I find my creative side in quilting and crocheting and gardening and craft activities…domestic pursuits I guess. Not as exciting as writing or music, I know, but we can’t all have the same talents can we? Works for me anyway.
    Thank you for sharing your life and talents with us, R.J.


    1. Jane, if we all had the same creative talents life would get pretty boring. I’ve always wanted to get into quilting and just might some day. My main hobby seems to be finding new hobbies.

      Without nice people like you my blogging wouldn’t be nearly as enjoyable. You also make me review every post to make sure I am not getting cynical or nasty. I would hate to disappoint you in that regard.


  5. I echo your feelings about blogging. Also, it’s kind of a way to have water-cooler chat without the job. That was a big advantage of working, the social aspect. Now that some days I don’t even see other people besides my husband, it’s nice to have those chats around a blog post. Even though it’s through a computer, it’s a way to connect with others.


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