LOM – I am A Word Collector

I recently watched a new episode of Last Tango In Halifax which is a British TV show about two retirees who were in love in their youth meeting again and getting married. I have to say I am watching much more British TV now than ever before. Endevour is probably my favorite. But, that’s another post… Anyway, on that show, one of the retirees mentioned … Continue reading LOM – I am A Word Collector

Being on the Margins Makes Isolation More Tolerable

One of the biggest complaints I hear about the pandemic is the isolation that many people feel because they are off by themselves. When you live on the margins having more time alone is most often just a fact of life, especially for those of us who have significant Aspie traits or are deaf and for me, that is both. Over the years I have … Continue reading Being on the Margins Makes Isolation More Tolerable

Writers Should Make People Uncomfortable..

One of the axioms of  writing is that it should make people uncomfortable. If it doesn’t then you are not stretching the horizons of those reading your words.  Even before I heard this it was in my heart. One of the foundations of RJsCorner is that I try to get people to think outside their boxes to other possibilities.  I am constantly looking for ways … Continue reading Writers Should Make People Uncomfortable..

I Am Just Not a “Niche” Guy…

  For my weekly bio post I thought I would talk a little about my blogging processes in particular but more generally about my thought processes which due to Aspergers is probably different than yours. Many of the more successful blogs around the Internet are niche blogs, that is they concentrate on one particular topic. Many that I read are of the retirement genre. Their readers pretty … Continue reading I Am Just Not a “Niche” Guy…

Why Blog???

  My young Romanian blogger friend Cristian Mihai stated recently that one of the reasons he blogs is because he is lonely. Another is that he has to blog/write.  To not do so would deny his very existence. After reading those words and others from various bloggers I have started to think at a deeper, more fundamental level, just why do why I put so … Continue reading Why Blog???

How to deal with the Internet’s biggest morons…

The more popular my blog becomes the more I am open to the morons who troll around on the Internet.  While I have the best readers in the world (thanks Bob for the phrase), I also have my share of moron trollers lately.  Most end up on my blacklist who are blocked from further comments (thank heavens my blog host has that and it anti-spamming … Continue reading How to deal with the Internet’s biggest morons…

Its All In The Editing….

Now that I have passed the 1,000 post mark on this blog and have managed to get a regular and growing following I thought I would give you some “secrets”on blogging.  Even though I am just an ordinary guy and not a Pulitzer prize winner I think I have some wisdom to offer beginning bloggers. Continue reading “Its All In The Editing….”