Gridlock Because…..

I VERY much suspect that if thinking men would have the courage to think for themselves, and to speak what they think, it would be found they do not differ in . . . opinions as much as is supposed.  —  Jefferson, Thomas

We all recognize that gridlock has frozen our government processes.  If only the people who represent each of us were to take to heart the words of Jefferson above we might just melt the sorry state that presently binds us.  The trouble with congress right now is that the people representing us are allowing a few who are called “leaders” to think for them. I am convinced that if they would just make the effort to think for themselves they would realize that they have much more in common than their battle scarred leaders could ever imagine.

Thomas Jefferson if nothing else was a critical thinker. He questioned almost anything he was exposed to. But, like all of us he was the product of his experiences so that questioning never went very deep when it came to slavery.  That was his major flaw and we all have at least one major flaw. I pride myself in being like Jefferson as I never take anything without asking at least a few questions. I can’t imagine spending a $million and hours and hours of campaigning to win an election and then finally get to Washington only to then turn around and let someone else think for me!

But then again it takes too many promises to too many different groups to even get elected now so maybe the people who do survive the process are beaten before they ever get there. We desperately need critical thinkers is our nation’s capital; how we get them without an infinite number of strings attached is the main problem.

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