I Am A Morning Person….

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morning roosterWhen I was a teenager it took a bomb to get me out of bed. The first class of the day in high school started at 8:00am. I can barely remember much about them.  When I was in college I was plagued with many 7:30am classes. The only “D” I got in college was in speedy reading. I just couldn’t manage to concentrate on the totally boring things I was supposed to be reading during that hour. For the most part that time was spent “sleeping in” and therefore the “D”.  Over the years that condition has slowly changed. In my work life I seemed to be about as productive in the afternoon as in the morning. But now that I am in my senior years I am a full-on, in-your-face, morning person.

Eighty percent of the ideas and post compilations for this and my other blogs take place before noon.  The creative side of my brain seems to almost shut down by lunch time now. I spend most mornings at the computer reading the day’s news or writing post for my blogs. Some days are more productive than others. Sometimes I can generate a half-dozen posts in an hour and sometimes I just can’t keep my mind on one topic at a time.

That is one of the advantages of being retired is being able to spend your time as you want. Whereas I was required to be “productive” for 8-12 hours a day from Monday through Friday in the corporate world, now I can pattern my days around my spurts of creativity. When I am lethargic I take naps, do an occasional picture puzzle or just veg out. But when I get the creative bug I might spend hours at a time very focused on the task at hand.  My wife has come to except that there are times when I am “out of it” has she deems it.  I am so focused on what I am doing that the world just seems to be passing by outside my small office room window. Most of those times are in the morning when she is sleeping in. She is a night person and I am a morning person. That gives us both our special time by ourselves and we all need that type of time.

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