Keystone Pipeline Opposition Explained….


Dear R J,

The Keystone XL pipeline is a giant straw that spews out some of the dirtiest oil on earth. Christians have advocated tirelessly to stop the pipeline. Despite this opposition, the State Department recently released a report that claims the pipeline is “unlikely to have a substantial impact.” Where did they get their data? The oil and gas industry. [1]

Tell the State Department to take a second look at the damage the Keystone XL pipeline would do to God’s creation. 

Oil from tar sands releases significantly more carbon pollution than any other energy source we import, and the Keystone XL alone would bring 3 to 21 million metric tons of extra pollution per year. 

[2] Join with Christians across the country in calling on the State Department to perform a real assessment of the pipeline’s impact.

Reports by the Environmental Protection Agency [3] and leading independent climate scientists [4] have concluded that allowing the Keystone XL project to move forward would contribute to huge increases in carbon emissions. Make sure the State Department knows that the faith community will not be silent while they listen to oil companies and ignore the damage this would cause to God’s creation. In faith, Tim, Alycia, Janelle, and the rest of the Sojourners team

The above is from an e-mail I recently received from my friends at Sojourners about the Keystone pipeline. I must admit that until recently I didn’t know much about this proposal to put another pipeline through the midsection of our country. The more I learn about it the more I understand the adamant opposition to it. For those of us who believe in global warming, and that should be all of us, we should be concerned about this project.

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